Chase Home Finance - Chase Home Finance Class-Action Lawsuit

Posted on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at 9:43am CDT by dc95cb9f

Product: Home Loan Modification

Company: Chase Home Finance

Location: 3415 Vision Drive
Columbus, OH, 43219-6009, US

Category: Other

I would like to join a class-action lawsuit against Chase. Since February, 2009 when the Making Homes Affordable Progam was first introduced I have been tryig to get the modification I have been approved for. I have a horror story which is too long to describe in detail here. I have been lied to by Chase, put into a program that was not the modification program yet told it was. I have gotten a State Senator involved. I have been put on hold for countless hours by Chase, transferred all over their system, hung up on, etc.

When the actual modification paperwork finally came, I made all of the trial payments on time despite the fact that they were about $400.00 more than I was told they would be. I begrudgingly accepted them because when I called in no one could explain why they were more. They told me if i didn't sign them I would be kicked out of the system. Same thing happened with the final agreement. Again it was about $400.00 more than the trial payments. Still no one could explain why and I was told if I didn't sign them I would get kicked out of the program. I signed the paperwork and sent it back in. I also made the first two payments under the new terms on time.

Long story short, Chase is now saying I never sent the paperwork back in. When I produced evidence their story changed to "it was signed incorrectly".

If anyone has any information or a contact for someone who can help me I would appreciate it.

My email is av8rcd AT Please email me and I will be happy to give you my phone number.

Thanks, someone has got to be able to help us.


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44a0d19a, 2010-07-01, 10:43AM CDT

I also have been going through this process for THREE years now... still not resolved. Ruined credit, health and then some. I have every piece of documentation legal and otherwise documented calls etc for the last THREE years. I will be VERY interested in a class action.

44a0d19a, 2010-07-02, 09:23AM CDT

I have personally contacted a high profile attorney in the the state of Michigan and have asked that they review this site and my case to find out if they would be interested in taking Chase Home Finance on. I will update the site once I hear again from them.

80de2f9e, 2010-07-12, 07:31PM CDT

I am working on Getting together a Class action against the unscrupulous practices of Chase Home Finance. I will try to contact all who post on these sites.

Hang in there we can Beat them at their own game

b57a5283, 2010-07-14, 11:20PM CDT

I have a very similar story. I have had a local Congressman get involved, HUD, Hope only to give me false hope. I was on a Trial Period for 10 months, never late, only to be told I was removed from the program and there wasn't any program to help me. At this point I've delayed Chases foreclosure for a year and now they have to withdraw the foreclosure and re- file. I guess it buys me 3 months. I hope some has the balls to file a class action suit against these crooks.

R. Scott, colorado

[email protected]

1d22f896, 2010-07-25, 05:27PM CDT

I have a case with Chase very similar to all of you. I came online looking to see if anyone has filed a class action suit against them. Please include me in this I am in Washington state. Unfortunately, our state attorney general is in their back pocket.

WE have to beat these SOB's. I have been very forthright. They haven't. It is time the good guys rule in this country.

1d22f896, 2010-07-25, 05:27PM CDT

I have a case with Chase very similar to all of you. I came online looking to see if anyone has filed a class action suit against them. Please include me in this I am in Washington state. Unfortunately, our state attorney general is in their back pocket.

WE have to beat these SOB's. I have been very forthright. They haven't. It is time the good guys rule in this country.

6433fa30, 2010-07-28, 11:20AM CDT

This is the same situation that has happened to me. NACA is in Washington DC and they are in the process of suing Chase as well. I went there this past Saturday to get my situation taken care of with Chase, and because I did a Radio interview and OCC sat with me. Chase representative said they will take care of everything on the spot and soon as the OCC person left. They changed there minds and said they will get back to me in 72 hours. If not, I will call back OCC and get with NACA.

Also, with my modification they tried to say I did not have it notarized and did not sign in black ink. Untill I pull the paperwork out in front of them from 09/2009. I do not know why they are not willing to help the homeowners. But I trust God and Giants do come down.

ed7952b5, 2010-08-10, 03:34PM CDT

Same situation as everyone else. Want to be involved in suit.

1ce5a3e4, 2010-08-24, 04:17PM CDT

I am the same boat as You. I have been a a trial mod program with chase for 1 year now, and the modification was finally approved but the payment went up $528.00.

My trial payment was 1427.00 a month! Now the payment is $1,955.00 A mere 77 dollars savings from the original mortgage of $2,032.00 a month. This entire Obama help for homeowners program was a complete and utter joke!

48dae029, 2010-08-28, 01:06PM CDT

I also am in the same situation. Chase has been delaying the approval for my loan modification and I just had a Sheriff knock at my door with a Sheriff's Sale Notification. I have done EVERYTHING they have asked for. They keep telling me it's in the final stages for approval. I believe they are going to delay as long as possible to get it to Sheriff's sale. I call EVERY DAY and get different information each time I call. I cannot get a straight answer and I believe they are acting unlawful to the consumers! I AM IN ON THIS LAWSUIT... PLEASE SOMEONE HAS TO STOP THEM NOW!

6df827f7, 2010-09-06, 07:15AM CDT

Please send me any info you have on a class action lawsuit for Chase. My email is [email protected] Thanks!

f8c1e456, 2010-09-09, 02:46PM CDT

I would love to be apart of a class action suit or anything along those lines to stop Chase from doing this. My story is the same. The "trial" period last 12 months and then they denied us and put us in foreclosure saying that we were months behind and we owed over $9000. When in fact we paid every month on time exactly what they told us to pay. We drained our retirment fund to save our house. The whole thing has left me with life long health issues (I'm 36). We of course have to pay late fees on top of it. Please help me with who I need to file a complaint with. It is horrible what they have done to my family, to all of you and countless other people.

bcc00a69, 2010-09-13, 12:58PM CDT

There is not much to be said here and why retell a story that everyone here has hit on so thorougly. I am like everyone here and all the stories is my story to some degree. Please contact me if a class action lawsuit is brought about.

b57a5283, 2010-09-14, 08:44AM CDT

I have posted my horror story months ago and I'm still holding on to my home. After 10 months of trial payments I was dropped and threaten with foreclosure. Well I learned two things..1) they can do what ever they want...2) If you hold them off long enough( 1 year) the county will automatically remove the foreclosure filing and make them start over.

I'm now hiring a account firm to perform an forensic audit. They has violated numerous TILA laws in making my loan. These are federal banking laws and they can't dodge this. I really want to screw these crooks. Newest development is that Chase was listed on a insurance check I received in order to get some repairs made to our deck, too much snow. They kept MY insurance check...yes MY insurance check from MY insurance company not their insurance company but MINE. Got to be some violations here!!!!The check was made out to me and Chase. I endorsed the check as deposit only into MY checking account but they deposited into their account. These guys are out of control.

d05d6ef6, 2010-09-26, 04:17PM CDT

We applied for a loan modification program thru Chase mortgage because they indicated that they might be able to help us on our mortgage payment, and instead they screwed us over. I should have looked online at the TONS of Chase loan modification horror stories before we went thru all this. First they assigned us a "relationship manager" that we have NEVER even been able to communicate with in at least a dozen calls, I don't even know if this person even really works there! How's that for a great "relationship'? We never have been able to talk to the same person twice, they give absolutely no guidance whatsoever, can't answer any specific questions, transfer us to several departments, then back again, each time having to run thru all our personal information again and again. They make it so difficult to get an answer that I think they hope you give up. They filed foreclosure on our house while we were trying to get them to process this application, then our request was denied, saying we don't make enough money for a lower payment! (in other words they would rather take the house than give us a break). Fortunately we have the money held back to reinstate the loan, (while many others don't have it, and they get ultimately screwed). But just trying to get the reinstatement amount and where to send it has taken almost a month now, they keep telling us the reinstatement letter will be sent out, we wait, and nothing. After three go-rounds of this, we finally find out that we need to get the statement from their attorney's office! And where is our "relationship manager"? There is none! The basis of my suit would be that we were assigned this "Relationship Manager" but still had no guidance whatsoever, never knowing who to talk to, or what to do, it was a farce. Could it be that the only reason a (non-existent) Relationship manager is assigned to each case is because it is a stipulation in order for Chase to get this government relief money? ...Which may be fraudulent in itself. But on top of them not helping, they have put us off for so long now that they have been able to pile on another $1000 in penalties and attorney fees. It would be my pleasure to sue them.

484cd366, 2010-09-27, 08:22AM CDT

long story. i tried to get modified with chase home mortgage and they kept modifying my loan and each trial period the payments went up and up. my loan was modified 3 times at which i asked when were they going to give me a permanent set figure. they said they going to mail more paperwork for another modification.

03488155, 2010-09-29, 12:45AM CDT

I am also in the same boat as all of you. If there is a class action, please contact me.

757dad1e, 2010-10-01, 09:12PM CDT

me too. I hope someone can help. I've been going through this for 3 years myself...I'm burnt out over it.

[email protected]

Email me

166ded88, 2010-10-04, 02:57PM CDT

Here is my horror story:

6/26/03 Closed on my home. CTX was my lender. My loan was sold within the first 30 days to Washington Mutual. My credit score was 785.

5/8/04 My daughter Ashley is admitted into the Children's Wing at Presbyterian because she is progressively getting sicker.

6/25/04 Unable to identify what is causing my daughter to get medically worse and the prognosis that she may die, she is air-ambulanced to Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio where she remained for the next 110 days. After 4 surgeries and over 80 procedures, Ashley was diagnosed with a very rare immune disorder called Combined Auto Immune Enteropathy. During all this time with a sick child, I never fell behind on my mortgage payments. She was afflicted for the next 2 years.

8/16/04 We finally leave Cincinnati Children's Hospital to go home to Charlotte. We will need to drive back and forth for checkups and Ashley will be home schooled for 6 months.

6/13/07 Start working full time.

10/8/08 Applied for my first loan modification with Chase as the medical bills and expenses from her illness start to rack up intensely and I could potentially have a problem with making my mortgage payment. (MODIFICATION PACKAGE SENT)

11/10/10 Called Chase for a status report and was told my case had not been assigned to a counselor yet.

12/15/08 I called Chase to see if my loan mod had been assigned and was told there was no record of my modification package and request.

3/1/09 In March 2009, President Obama announded a new initiative ( to help homeowners who were struggling. I once again filled out the 39 pages of loan modification paperwork and sent it to Washington Mutual (Bay Meadows, Jacksonville, FL) on March 11, 2009 - receipt verification) within 4 days of his announcement. (MODIFICATION PACKAGE RESENT)

4/5/09 Filed Bankruptcy due to extensive medical bills with my daughter. I did not want liens placed on my home so I feel this was the best course of action.

5/1/09 I called to check the status of my modification and was told they could not find my package! I had verified thru the post office that this had been delivered but Washington Mutual said it was lost - after pushing them they said they received it but that it had been lost. She stated I needed to resubmit again. I resubmitted my loan mod package again. (MODIFICATION PACKAGE RESENT)

6/17/09 Lost my Job.

6/23/09 I called Washington Mutual to check on the status of my modification and was told since I lost my job, they could not help me.

8/3/09 Ever desperate now, I called Chase to once again see what help they could offer me to help me with my home loan. I talked to Rep Bob who stated although I lost my job, that didn't disqualify me and for me to immediately submit my modification package again, which I did. He said he would escalate my case the moment he got it - I faxed it that day. (MODIFICATION PACKAGE RESENT)

9/10/09 I called Chase to check on status and once again told they could not help me because I did not have a job!

10/1/09 I continue to struggle with mortgage payments because I could not secure an interview, much less employment in this economy - my family helped me to stay no more than 1 payment behind.

12/6/09 I secure a temp job that I am told will go perm. With this employment I once again submit a loan modification package with paycheck stubs. (MODIFICATION PACKAGE RESENT)

1/1/10 Totally horrified at this process, I wrote President Obama requesting help. Contacted my congressional rep, Sue Myrick, requesting help.

1/15/10 I called Chase to check on the status of the package I sent in in December and was told they did receive it but it had not been assigned to a counselor, but they took my financial information over the phone as they stated this would "speed" the process.

1/30/10 I called Chase to check status - after the usual 45 minute run around I was connected to a rep Trezza and she stated she would pull an appraisal on my property and that she would call me the next day. She never called me back.

2/1/2010 - Note At this point, I have used every possible resource to make my mortgage payments - but on February 1, 2010, I had no funds left and my family had helped me all they could. I managed to make 7 payments from July, 2009 to January, 2010 WITHOUT a job. If Chase had modified my loan I would of still been able to have continued as my payments would have been reduced by the savings from the original monthly payment.

2/11/10 I called again to check on status and was told they did have it and they were working on it. I was told to call again in a couple weeks.

3/10/10 I called Chase to again check on status and was told my package of paperwork from December was now out of date and to resubmit my package AGAIN! Unfortunately my temp assignment did not go perm and was told by Chase I no longer qualify - again. I reiterated my ENTIRE story with a rep named Dan, this time thru tears. Dan checked and stated he did see the appraisal request by Trezza was on record but nothing had ever been done with my request. Dan transferred me to a rep named Mike (877-533-8960, ext: 3800094). Mike stated he would take my financial information over the phone because their "computers were down". Mike never returned my call so I called the number he gave me (referenced above) - I could not reach Mike and was drilled on why I haven't made a payment!

1/1/10 Wrote President Obama requesting help. Contacted my congressional rep, Sue Myrick, requesting help.

4/29/10 The letter I wrote to President Obama was forwarded to HUD and to Norm Jezzeny (202-402-5545) and he called me to discuss what had been going on. He suggested that I write the CEO of Chase with my story.

4/30/10 I wrote Mr. Dimon/CEO/Chase via regular mail, email, and fax per Mr. Jezzeny's request. I never heard word one from him, not that I really thought I would.

5/24/10 I received a FedEx overnite package from Melissa Reed (3415 Vision Drive, Columbus, OH 43219) requesting I complete a new modification package and overnite it back to her in the prepaid FEDEX envelope.

5/25/10 I sent my modification package of paper work overnite to Melissa Reed. (MODIFICATION PACKAGE RESENT)

6/13/10 I received correspondence from Melissa stating that my investors do not participate in the modification program!

6/28/10 I then received correspondence from Melissa that they could not modify my loan because I didn't have employment! She stated if I secured employment to let her know ASAP - which I did.

7/20/10 I wrote my Senator Richard Burr, President Obama, and my congressional rep, Sue Myrick again asking for assistance.

8/1/10 Sue Myrick's office called me and said they were going to Raleigh in a week to hear about a new program for for the unemployed to help stave off foreclosure and she would call me in the next few weeks.

8/11/10 Linda Furster with Sue Myrick's office called me and explained the new program but said the western counties were being addressed first and the county in which I live (Union) would not be eligible until December, 2010.

8/23/10 I secured employment and this was to be my first day - but I ended up in the hospital for 5 days and could not officially start until 8/30/10 which I did start that day.

9/3/2010 I mailed a copy of my first pay check stub to Melissa Reed with Chase with a letter stating I would send the 2nd one as soon as I received it.

9/15/2010 I sent Priority Mail my entire Loan Mod Package of paperwork to Melissa Reed at Chase (3415 Vision Drive, Columbus,OH 43219 in addition to faxing my package again to Chase at 866-282-5682 (Priority Delivery Confirmation Number: 0310 0480 0003 5508 4676 - delivered on 9/17/10 at 10:34 AM)(Receipt attached) (MODIFICATION PACKAGE RESENT)

9/16/10 Taped to door was the Intent to Foreclose paperwork - Immediately called HOPE and spoke with Amy Salizar - we then called Chase and was told my loan is still in modification review and was assigned to my "relationship manager" Lauren Gomes (877-218-7690 ext: 3826009. She was not in when they transferred the call to her. The rep took a message and she was to call me - She never called. I called and left a VM for the attorney office of Brock & Scott stating I had every intention of saving my home and was working with my lender. I then called Sue Myrick's office and explained to Linda Furster what was happening.

9/17/2010 I realized our fax machine was not working and I refaxed the package back to Chase at 866-282-5682. I also faxed to Sue Myrick's office the paperwork posted on my door and cover letter with Court Date and Date of Sale. (MODIFICATION PACKAGE RESENT)

9/20/10 I emailed Norm Jezzeny with HUD (202-402-5545) asking for his advice and help he could offer with my pending situation. Mr. Jezzeny called me back at approximately 2 PM and we discussed some avenues for me to pursue including NACA.. I started my application to NACA via the internet and I called Brock & Scott again and spoke to Jennifer - I told her my plan to keep my home and that I was working with my lender. I called Lauren Gomes again with Chase (my relationship manager) and this time was able to reach her but she told me that she could not handle my case and she had to request for a different manager. I told Lauren that Chase has been moving my case around for the last 18 months and at this rate I would lose my home due to their lack of organization. She stated she could not help me.

9/27/10 Called Chase and spoke to Jennifer Cole at 877-218-7690 - she said my loan had been assigned to Hicham Ammi at 877-218-7690 ext: 3826250. She looked thru my file to see if anything was missing and asked that I fill out another 4506T and check box 6A and write "1040" on line number 6. I told her my home is in the foreclosure process and she verified the date of 1/18/11. She tried to transfer my call to Hicham but he was not answering. She stated to call everyday until I could reach him. I faxed 4506T to the fax number she gave me: 866-221-1019. I will call Hicham 5 times a day until I get him.

9/28/10 Called today to find out who was handling my file - it had been assigned to Hichan Ammi (877-218-7690 ext: 3826250) - Hichan did say he was my relationship manager and was working on my case. He went thru and asked me to send in the following items: 1. 2009 Tax Return, signed and dated. 2. All paycheck stubs. 3. Previous bank statement July 10 - Aug. 10). I faxed everything to him same day 9/28. He said once he has everything he will send it to underwriting and indicated it could be 4 months before anything happens but I should hear in 30 days. I reminded him my home was scheduled for foreclosure and he said they won't foreclose as long as I was in the modification process. He asked that I send in every paycheck stub from this point forward and my monthly bank statements when I get them.

9/29/10 I called Hishan at 8:09 AM and he verified receiving all my documents he requested yesterday. He said the file is complete and he is sending it to underwriting today. He asked that I send him every paycheck I receive as we go forward - I told him I should have my next one tomorrow 9/30/10 and would fax it in. I will also send my next bank statement on 10/8/10. He asked that I call him on Friday, October 1st and then once a week after that.

9/30/10 Faxed paycheck stub for this week - Hisham said to call him on 10/1 to verify receipt.

10/1/10 Called Hisham to verify receipt of paycheck stub and he states my file has been reassigned because of my discharge bankruptcy from 18 months ago!! This is the same thing Lauren Gomes said when she received the file. I told Hisham AGAIN my bankruptcy was discharged 18 months ago. Hisham states he did send my file to underwriting but he shouldn't have been handling the case - whatever - he gave me to Kellie who he states is handling my case - Kelly 877-218-7685. Then he tells me my house isn't set with a foreclosure date and I say yes it is - it is January 18, 2011 - then he says I see it as November 11th - I that is not the date on my paperwork.

10/1/10 Called Kelly - she said she just received the file today. Escrow analysis is complete - she said it completed while we were on the phone. She will update me once a week as it goes to underwriting. She states all documentation looks good. She will call me later today.

da606024, 2010-10-07, 04:18PM CDT

I am actively compiling a list of people that want to start a class action lawsuit against Chase for the deceptive practices regarding loan modification. Anyone interested please contact me at the address below with your name, the state you live in (phone if you wish) and a VERY BRIEF description of deceptive acts from Chase. Mike

[email protected]

b105c0bf, 2010-10-08, 10:54AM CDT

I was approved a year ago just to find out that my house was for sale in July '10.

I was compliant and have all my notes describing who I spoke to and when. I am ready to fight...they are wrong and my family is paying and will continue to pay for decades.

I have 4 kids and we just lost our house.

488433d7, 2010-10-13, 04:29PM CDT

Long story short.. bought a home in 7/2005 in Elk Grove, CA (sacramento county) for 535k but 35k down and made payments on time every month for two years. ARM adjusted 9/2007 payment was going from 2800 a month to 4600 called Chase and they advised that they couldnt help unless I was in default they advised me to not make my payments. They still didnt help in March 2008 notice of trustee sale was issued at this time I was so far behind they wouldnt assist at all foreclosure was the only option. In April I received a call from a modification department in San Diego that advised me to write a hardship letter and I would qualify for a modification. Finally in November of 2008 after months of me phoning chase I was advised it was approved but they were requesting a deposit of 13k to proceed, they were also adding 75k to the back end bringing our principal to 575k and they wanted it in two weeks.

At that time my husband had just had surgery we were scared of being homeless and didnt trust Chase since we never received anything formal it was advised over the phone. Also in Elk Grove we would be setting ourselves up for failure accepting a home at 575k Next thing we know the house was sold at auction for 195k. It has cause turmoil for us, our children and financial stress. Is there anything we can do?

584e5173, 2010-10-18, 12:00PM CDT

I'm in the same boat and about to lose my home. I would love to sue!

[email protected]

0aab4403, 2010-10-25, 09:36AM CDT

I too have had a night mare with Chase Bank and would like to know if anyone has filed a class action here in the state of Michigan,

b46ee990, 2010-10-29, 09:57AM CDT

I too have been trying to modify my loan with chase. had been approved for trial payments which I made AND THEN BEING TOLD SORRY yOu didn't update your paprework in time. Denied. Tried this three times always some other story why I am being denied. I know I did everything possible to give them what they need. Now I am in forclosure and facing chapter 13 bankruptcy to safe my house. I am In for the lawsuit. I live in tampa florida

ace3b8fc, 2010-10-30, 07:12AM CDT

Going through the same horror story with chase for the past 2 years. On my second trial modification payment plan. Called to make my trial payment. They refused to take payment...informing me my house went into active foreclosure on Oct 15(happens to be my birthday..nice gift from Chase)'s Oct 29 and still nothing in paper from chase that my home is in floreclosure. So I guess after mailing them money as told to I will still eventually lose my home. They did tell me not to worry there isn't a sale date yet and to have a nice weekend. Maybe they should of told me to start packing also. Please let me know if there will be a class action suit..Would love to be a part of it. Chase needs to be accountable for their actions.

2d7155fc, 2010-11-02, 01:57PM CDT

My problems with Chase started back on july 2009 and still trying to get a modification..I have the same situation as everyone who commented in this complaint..I would love to get in on any action against chase

626b27cb, 2010-11-03, 08:43PM CDT

I too have experienced the same...Initial trial payments began March 2010... the paperwork clearly states "decision notificiation will be sent within 60 days." Time passed, I called, still no information, "just under review, keep making trial payments" until... Sept. when they sent a check back stating "not enough to cure default." When I called, they said I had not completed paperwork... lie..I had got no letter, no phone call, NOTHING... I called Chase immediately.. they said "oh yes we can reapply for the modification." at that time they said that their program had "completely changed in April 2010 and did not have to notify the consumer." EXCUSE ME??? I demanded answers....noone would answer me... about 22 different agents all having different stories about timelines, "in underwriting," "not in underwriting," "need to resubmit," "no all paperwork is received," "no just call your appointed attorney and tell them you are in modification and that is all you have to do," "yes we will mail a reinstatement amount, just did it," "no cannot give a reinstatement over the phone comes from an attorney," your court date is in November," "no december," "no january" "under review means underwriting" "no review is done by relationship manager" "i have sent an email to the relationship manager" "no record of an email to your relationship manager ma'am" "yes, it will go to underwriting within the week" "ha no way could that be done within a week" "underwriting can take two years" "there are 200 peices of papers to review" "no no paperwork reviewed, just terms" "the trial payments were credited to your account" "no the trial payments are not able to be credited to your reinstatement amount" "no it does not affect your credit" "yes you won't be able to refinance".... see folks... your stories are my stories and it is TIME FOR OUR STORIES TO GO TO SOMEONE WHO CAN DO SOMETHING... SHAME ON OBAMA for having his name on such a corrupt program... I HOPE THIS SOMEHOW GETS to a selfless attorney to can get help the victims of such blatant disorganized corruption.... I AM IN on any action.... this process has cost me more than money..I LOST FAITH in the establishment that was supposed to protect consumers from pre-existing corruption..Would like to take my money that I have for possible reinstatement and just start over...

0fcc2558, 2010-11-04, 12:10PM CDT

I ask for your help in reaching the masses!!!. We currently have our attorneys rolling up their sleeves, getting their boxes or pens and note tablets ready, as we have notified them to proceed with the Class Action against Chase Home Finance.

We need not only your help but the help of everyone that is either a homeowner, or knows a homeowner in Wisconsin that is having problems with Chase Home Finance and the HAMP trial modification.

I graciously ask that you refer those homeowners to Fighting CHFs blog:, as well as have them email us at [email protected]

This is so they can tell their story as well as include current contact information so our attorneys can contact them with regard to the class action.

Most of you know me by Neyko, and I have been fighting these banksters for almost 3 yrs. Now we have them, with their pants down, and were looking for a nice flexible switch.

Time is of the essence, and for some WI homeowners, that may mean only days!!!!


85b25d30, 2010-11-08, 07:44PM CST

Hi , I would love to join in a class action lawsuit against Chase. I have been through a couple of years of trying to get a loan modification with Chase. We have had nothing but a big run around. Many times of saying they didn't receive the paper work we sent in, being on hold for so long, being hung up on and so on and so on. We were turned down the first time saying we didn't make enough after my husband was laid off work. I don't even think they look at the paper work. We again tried, we figured out the numbers and were not over on income. Sent in the hardship letter again and were told we were not behind on our payments and didn't prove hardship when we were two months behind because they told us to not make payments for 2 months because we couldn't file for loan modification unless we were two months behind. We needed help because my husband was laid off and I was only working part time. The second time we tried my husband went back to work with the same employer he had before he was laid off . I don't think they take the time the read all the info we sent. All we got was a run around for 2 years. Now they say the only thing they would do for us is an extension , they will put the two payments we were behind on the end of the loan and told us what to send in and we did. We sent in One house payment, 2 escrow payments, and all the late fees. Now 2 months later they is $506.00 in late fees back on my bill. I have called Chase only to get the run around again and no one can answer my questions. I have only been told that they moved money around after the agreement and took money away from the late fees and said I was supposed to send in 4 escrow payments and that is not the agreement. Two escrow payments were for the two payments that went on to the end of the loan. I was hung up on tonight , transferred without them telling me they were transferring me, and given wrong numbers for me to call. The last attempt was to the collections dept. and I told the rep, that I wanted to speak to a supervisor and was on hold for about 10 min. He said the supervisor was on the phone and would call me back. I told the rep. that I was contacting a lawyer if he didn't call back. That was over an hour ago. I am caught up on my payments and owe no late fees. Now they are telling me I still have $506.00 in late fees when I already paid them. I don't know what else to do . I can't get any where calling them. I am so frustrated. If anyone can please help me I would appreciate it. I live in the state of Virginia. There is so much more to all of this that I have been though with Chase just tired of writing.I would like to join a lawsuit.


32c8e212, 2010-11-09, 02:12AM CST

I would like to join this suit. I have been battling the modification scam by Chase as well. I was told to miss two house payments to even qualify for the modification program. I was encouraged not to make my monthly payments that it would appear I was facing foreclosure. I was not even informed I had been denied the modification after making my modification payment.

7f2c6001, 2010-11-09, 11:09AM CST

I live in NJ and facing the same problems you all have with Chase. As of today, is there a class action against Chase, please keep me informed. Thank you, Bonnie

f7d1806e, 2010-11-13, 08:04PM CST

C heating

H omeowners

A nd

S tealing

E quity

same story here.

b767e018, 2010-11-15, 10:20PM CST

I have the same exact problem, all the way through. Your story could be mine. We have been doing this for almost 15 months now. Chase has continuously blamed *the government*, or Fannie Mae, or etc...for the problems. Or mostly they blame me. I'm ready to sign up for the lawsuit. Is there an attorney?

111f537f, 2010-11-17, 02:21PM CST

No need for me to repeat, I've been through it just the same.

The worst part of it is not knowing what is going to happen once you regain employment. You're now able to pay, but can't because they wont modify you.

So you life is in limbo. No home improvements, no gardening, no upgrades because you just don't know what is about to happen and you don't want to continue investing into something, that because of the banks disorganization and blatant disregard for the human condition may not belong to you.

They steal your hope and dismiss your attachment to your home.

Contrary to popular belief, most people are no more than six months(tops) behind on their mortgage. It's these trial periods that have placed people in the 18-24 month "missed" payment category.

These banks WILL compensate the Americans that have been wronged.

I've personally have found peace with the process, I'm still in my home for now. If they foreclose I'll take part in one of the MANY class action suits popping up around the country, because my paperwork is meticulous, documenting each and every conversation and all of their mishaps. Best of Luck to you all mates!

96317a88, 2010-11-27, 08:22PM CST

I would like to join a class action law suit in Michigan. Chase is trying to illegally foreclose on our home and we have never missed a single payment. Please if you are other Michigan residents in a lawsuit, if you're a lawyer or know a lawyer who will go against or has had success against Chase - please contact me!

[email protected]

Thank you!

c53c535b, 2010-11-30, 07:55PM CST

i would like any information to if you hear anything let me know and i will do the same my email is [email protected] thanks

9ad2bca0, 2010-12-08, 07:24PM CST

Unfortunately, our situation sounds exactly the same as yours. We were approved for a 3 month trial plan and made all payments on time. After paying for 6 months were notified by Chase that we had not made any of the payments and were kicked off the Trial Plan. We sent each payment by Cashiers Check and USPS Receipt Confirmation. We hired a non-profit organization to assist us. Unfortunately after making trial plan payments for 13 months we were eventually served foreclosure papers instead of Chase working the file and modifying our mortgage. After almost 2 years of fighting with Chase, we lost the energy to continue the fight as it was affecting our health and consuming our lives. We acquired a new place to live and moved out on the date scheduled for Sheriff's Sale. One of the first items we received in our new mailbox was a letter that the foreclosure had been postponed for 3 months to 12/2/10. We mailed Chase our house keys, garage openers and Title. Our home we loved so much is being ignored by Chase and has now been vandalized. We would love to be part of a class action lawsuit.

4e1567da, 2010-12-16, 07:22PM CST

Did you find an attorney that was pursuing a lawsuit against chase? [email protected]

22315e17, 2010-12-17, 12:13PM CST

Hi, We too would like to join a class action law suit against Chase for a deceptive 3 year arm note they took over from WAMU.

22315e17, 2010-12-17, 01:31PM CST

We would like to join a class action law suit against Chase home loan. We are in California. We have a loan that was first with WAMU - now it is with CHASE- deceptive loan - 3 year arm - deceptive note Interest rate went down by half - payment stayed the same. small , small print loop hole. very deceptive. Any one else with a WAMU loan owned by chase tied to the US Treasury? Getting same run around now put us into forclosure.

fda5dd0a, 2010-12-20, 03:41PM CST

I too was given the run around, filled out all the necessary documents, and several months later (though I was told all was fine), was then told I never got them into their system.

Several weeks after that, found out from a news article that the people at Chase threw more than half of them in the "circular file" (aka garbage pail). After months of getting the appropriate documents, I'll be dammed if I have to go through that again to have the same result. Hired a lawyer to forestall the process, count me in on the lawsuit....

021209a6, 2010-12-21, 03:32PM CST

I would aso like to file a class actio lawsuit here in Texas againt Chase . It has been horrendous what we have had to go through with them . They have misrepresented and defaulted on a contract that I had from them to to sell my home on s short sale and found out they had Foreclosed. it has been awful. Please let me know if there is anyone here in Texas that can assist.

68488a9d, 2010-12-21, 06:26PM CST

I would like to join class- action lawsuit against Chase i star working with Chase in my loan modification January 2009 they put and something call Forverance payments i paid 15 payments of $ 1114.28 and in April they sand me an aproval with my new payment of 2116.34 witch i star paying the next month the i tough that everything was ok.

The foreclousure my house, in sep 14 somebody ring the bell of my house and told me his company purchase this house

i have all my documents since i star workin this modification i have aproval letter, but they sold my house, somebody call 2 days prior the foreclousure and left a message stating about that, I call that person was a phony attorney and rip me off i pais him 3000.00 thousand dollars, i was desperated the following day i call this person and phone not on service i went to the office, no body there.

I came back home and look in the yellow pages i found a good attorney but vharge me 250.00 per hour i pay him 3000.00 but he finally talk with somebody at Quality loan service here in San Diego california.

Chase screw me really bad i spend over 6000.00 dollars to save my house i send them a letter ask for refound witch i believed if fear.

If any body have any question my e-mail [email protected]

a5ca23c1, 2010-12-21, 08:53PM CST

My husband and I went through the loan modification with Chase and I have all our paperwork which took almost 2 yrs to complete. We made good faith payments during the whole process via money order which I can show. My new payment is 750.00 a month but my original payment was 900.00 a month so it isnt as low as they advertise and not what I was promised by the LM dept. I am making my payments but still receiving letters saying I have failed to complete process and will be going into foreclosure but like everyone else when I call they cant tell me why I am getting the letters and my account on the internet is up to date. So If you can get any help for all the people like us that have tried to work with chase, Sign us up also. Email us at [email protected]

5a36a16d, 2010-12-22, 11:42PM CST

Has anyone retained an attorney to file this action in the state of California? I have been in a mod/paper chase with JP Morgan Chase/Wamu since February 2008.

eb073c7f, 2010-12-23, 03:51PM CST

I would love to participate in a class action lawsuit against Chase Home Finance. This has been 13 mths of the same horror with them and it has got to end. I refuse to lose my home due to their negligence and greed.

dd552076, 2010-12-23, 06:59PM CST

I want in on a class action suit too! Like others, I have been jerked around by Chase for the past 19 months. I have had enough. It has been nothing but lies, deciept and inefficiency. I have written to the NYS Attorney General and Comptroller of Currency hoping that they can help. It is hard to imagine that it is legal for Chase to report the savings of our temporary loan mod as a payment deficiency to creditors. They have destroyed my credit by my following THEIR temp loan mod agreement. How could this be legal and ethical. I would love to join a class action suit and get some form of justice!

f0b2a3a1, 2010-12-26, 03:15PM CST

requesting assistance

William Hageman

363 Racht Road

Honesdale, PA 18431

973.841.1367 cell

570.937.4852 home

973.889.7295 office

SSN: xxxxxxxxx

DOB: xxxxxx

Date: 02/01/10

Subject: Letter of circumstance

To Whom It May Concern:

I am requesting help regarding the mishandling of my home loans and the conditions agreed to by my wife and I. The loan reinstatement conditions were managed by The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency / Homeowner Emergency Assistance Program (PHFA/HEMAP) in September 2005, Signed November 2005.

I have made every attempt to contact PNC Bank, Chase Home Finance, and PHFA/HEMAP to ensure my loans are properly being managed to no avail. Regarding PNC Bank the loan was never reinstated, no clear information or documentation regarding insurance was ever provided. Regarding Chase Home Finance, the interest rate change was not applied, the monthly payment change was not applied, and the disability insurance was never applied. All as agreed in the contracts signed.

Once I was lied to on recorded telephone calls and received fraudulent mail I suspended all payments except to PHFA/HEMAP.

I have open two OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) investigations 985005 and 985006 respectfully. I also demanded a suspicious activity report be opened on both loans.

Issues regarding loans:

1. Chase Home Finance

a. Interest rate reduction:

i. From 8.50% lowered to 8.15%

ii. Monthly payments not to exceed $1,103.64

iii. Insurance reapplication

1. Forced place hazard

2. Disability and mortgage

3. Complete reinstatement of loan

2. PNC Bank

a. Correction of loan conditions

i. Loan was incorrectly listed as a Line Of Credit should be a Home Equity Loan

ii. Interest rate raised to 6.25 from 4.25

iii. Ensure disability and life insurance is applied to loan

iv. Complete reinstatement of loan

Account Information:

PHFA/HEMAP: 7707 | 130620156 | 116664516

Chase Home Finance: 1977023041

PNC Bank: 3003048109171988

Reinstatement Terminology: The agreement regarding reinstatement of loans listed above

reinstate (rn-stt)

tr.v. reinstated, reinstating, reinstates

1. To bring back into use or existence.

2. To restore to a previous condition or position.


reinstatement n.

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms

Noun 1. reinstatement - the condition of being reinstated; "her reinstatement to her former office followed quickly"

condition, status - a state at a particular time; "a condition (or state) of disrepair"; "the current status of the arms negotiations"

2. reinstatement - the act of restoring someone to a previous position; "we insisted on the reinstatement of the colonel"

restoration - the act of restoring something or someone to a satisfactory state

Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. 2003-2008 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.



noun restoration, bringing back, re-establishment, reinstitution, reinstallation, rehabilitation Parents campaigned in vain for her reinstatement.

Collins Thesaurus of the English Language Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

I request assistance with the handling of the issues listed above.

I have all supporting documentation and contracts regarding the above mentioned legal agreement.

Please contacted me regarding the decision of your agency regarding my request prior to 02/26/10.


William Hageman

09436bc8, 2010-12-27, 08:53PM CST

This is my opinion. I am not an attorney.

I wanted to stay in my home, but a year later I am unsure. Is it worth it? No, so I am going to have some fun along the way. Kill the dragon: Chase.

I am in the same boat as most people with bloated mortgages and overvalued homes. I have been working with Chase for more than one year and I have started threatening them with legal action. I say things like, "I sure hope your supervisors are listening to this call because they need to know what's coming down." I accuse them of fraud and deception, among other things, and I let them know that they will pay for their civil offenses.

We have stopped making payments. We are sick of giving money to this big black sucking hole with no output, no loan mod. We have already complied with the three payment HAMP requirement.

IMHO, there is no requirement that homeowners continue to make trial payments once the first three are received. I have read multiple HAMP documents and I can find no mention of payments beyond the first three months. (Granted, most of you will want to keep the past due balance down and minimize the risk of foreclosure). But if you are in a bind, you can live in your house without paying anything (past the first three trial payments under HAMP). This gives folks some time to save money and move, should it come to that.

So, I am beginning to collect data for a class action lawsuit. I am not a lawyer, but have some contractreal estate law under my belt (some JD studies plus my own researchexperience). Oh yeah, and I have played the part of a primary plaintiff on another class action lawsuit. All I can do is try.

PLEASE NOTE: I suspect that people do not see referrals to specific class action attorneys (or their pending cases) online because they do not want to tip their hand. If they are currently preparing a class action suit against Chase, they will not troll the boards for plaintiffs. (In fact, I would argue that they never troll for plaintiffs online.) They already have the primary plaintiffs they need to get the case started.

So, don't look to find attorneys on these consumer message boards.

***You need to pick up the phone and call attorneys if you want to make your case for a suit (class action or not).*** Call your attorney general, too. Ask if your AG is pursuing litigation against Chase for its loan mod fraud. If they say no, ask them why. Tell them your story. Persist.

Here is a list of AGs:

Call local attorneys first. Call other local resources pertaining to housing (local and state level). Call your paper and talk to reporters who handle financial reporting. They will have tons of information from their own research. Then you can get the lay of the land. Get referrals from local attorneys, AGs or others in the field. If a practice is not handling this type of case, or know who can, they will tell you that right off the bat. Then move onto the next call. Plaintiffs in class action lawsuits pay nothing to their attorneys, of course. The lawyers get their 33% or so off the top. And REMEMBER - just because you are not a primary plaintiff does not mean that you are not included a class. The class is certified at the beginning of the process, and depending on the criteria, you may be included.

In my class action suit against an employer, I made a couple of calls to attorneys. I focused on employmentlabor law attorneys (aka plaintiffs attorneys). The second attorney I spoke with was a one man shop. I spoke with him about two possible causes of action against my employer. Long story short: once he made a call to another (larger) legal firm in the area that was it. They took it - the case had started. The settlement exceeded $3 million.

But this case was like shooting fish in a barrel. Chase will be much more difficult and they may succeed in just getting the case dismissed. There is no guarantee here.

To repeat, you have got to give Chase hell for their fraudulent behavior. Do not let them slide; they certainly would not let you slide. Call them everyday if you can stand it. Fill up their phone queues. Make them record notes regarding your phone calls and then read them back for you. Make them work. Can they stand the pressure of so many people pushing them to the edge? I wonder.

Pass it along.


e3081bd6, 2010-12-27, 09:26PM CST

We were in the same boat, but get this... we dropped out of the loan modification process after getting the same kind of runaround as others.

After more than 12 months of trial payments, we were told that we made too much money to qualify... with only one income, having to pay our health insurance with credit cards, a new addition, and the unemployment I received running out. We were initially told that we could qualify for this program when we had two incomes and made twice as much. At one point they said we might not make enough income to qualify.

So we went with a short sale. Our real estate agents went through the same kind of games on our behalf, we have a buyer, and we even got final approval from Chase that Fannie Mae was allowing us to proceed with the short sale. At the same time we received this letter, we started to get letters from a new loan servicing company saying that Chase had sold the loan to them and offering loan modification.

Did you catch that...

After giving approval to resolve the loan with a short sale... Chase dished us off to another company before we could complete the short sale. We had to start completely over with the new company. Our buyers have been VERY patient for which we are VERY thankful. It looks like it may actually close here in the next month or so.

Chase's actions are criminal. They received more bail out money than any other bank and the 2009 statistics for the number of closed modifications was pathetic. Can't wait to see the numbers for this year.

I am up for a class action.

32759784, 2010-12-28, 11:55AM CST

I would love to join in on this class-action suit. After reading many of the above complaints, sounds identical to my story. Please update me on anything you find out.


21309c8b, 2011-01-05, 09:10AM CST

My husband and I have been in the "modification" process with Chase since January 2009! We have had multiple trial periods where we sent in ALL required payments by money order, on time. We have had 4 different "managers" for our account. My husband and I have separated-the house issue being a big bone of contention between us-I wanted to walk away a LONG time ago, my husband did not. We are completely upside down in our home, owing about $100k more than what is currently worth. My husband had not spent any time on this at all until I moved out in August, 2010. Since then he has been told that I had not made a payment in over 18 months and that he needed to come up with 32k or they would foreclose! They also told him that for him to even be considered for another (get that, ANOTHER) modification program he has to include my income as I am still on the loan. I agreed just to see what would happen but lo and behold-we make too much with me on there-but he doesn't make enough to be considered! I ended up calling them and finally got someone who was willing to tell me the truth-during the modification trial periods they do not count those payments as actual payments-nothing goes to the principle-it is all interest and escrow-that is their justification in telling my husband I had not made any payments! (I tried to explain to him that if i really had not made any payments in 18 months why hadn't they foreclosed? When he called we were not even in foreclosure status-we were in "review" for a modification!) These people are so dishonest! I have been shuttled between Fannie Mae, the foreclosure lawyers and back to chase again. Currently my husband is waiting for yet another batch of paperwork to fill out-that would be packet number 11 over the last 2 years!!! It got to the point that I was faxing from work with a date stamp AND overnighting the paperwork to Chase with a signature required to prove I was sending what they wanted. Out of the 10 packets I sent I apparently never sent one in correctly!

This has been a complete nightmare for our family. We got behind originally because my husband was injured and out of work for 6 months and then he lost all overtime-which Chase had included in our income because it had been steady overtime for over 5 years! We didn't just decide to jump on the modification bandwagon-we wanted to save our home and not declare bankruptcy. Now, we are separated and I think bankruptcy is probably our only option. Chase has not been helpful or honest.

2dac49d0, 2011-01-06, 12:18PM CST

First of all, I would like to know why there are soooo many attorneys getting into the "I can help you keep your home and negotiate with your lender - Don't let them foreclose!" business and not suing the lenders for fraud, breach of contract, predatory lending practices, etc. I WOULD LIKE TO BE A PART OF A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST CHASE! I am a paralegal but know nothing about laws pertaining to lending practices. However, I am familiar with contract law and what's happening here does not seem legal. I too applied for loan modification on my primary residence in 2009 due to a declining business venture as a direct result of the economy. My husband and I were denied. We then tried to negotiate with Chase on the arrearages, which was like hitting our heads against a brick wall. No dice! We then went into the short-sale process. After 2 days on the market, our realtor received an offer on the property, a good offer which was well within the area comps. Chase proceeded with a counter-offer. The prospective buyer met Chase in the middle. Chase wanted the entire amount of their counter-offer and came back to us asking for the remainder to make the deal work. We declined. The deal went South. We requested that the property remain on the market an additional 90 days since it was just the first offer and we were getting a good amount of showings. They declined citing that the investor (Freddie Mac) would not approve that. The house foreclosed a week and 1/2 later. The next situation we encountered with Chase, today as matter of fact, involves our 2nd residence, which was also denied for a modifcation because it's a second home. We applied for a short sale and as far as we knew everything was proceeding in that direction. Our realtor was in constant contact with Chase on the short sale. we never received anyting from Chase to the contrary, nor any documents regarding the foreclose sale date from Chase or the attorney's office handling the foreclosure. However, today our realtor was met by Freddie Mac's realtor and was advised that Chase foreclosed on the property! News to us and our Realtor. Chase never advised us or her. What the hell!!! We called our contact with Chase and was told he has no idea what happened, his file has been closed and those dealings are handled by the negotiations department - REALLY? Chase also also told us on several occassions that they do not make any decisions and always put the blame off on the INVESTOR.... Chase never had any problem contacting us for their mortgage payment! The whole thing is fishy and can't be legal!!! They slipped through our foreclosure! How do you fight the mortgage companies when our Government gives them money, and then the mortgage companies/financial institutions give their politician money for their campaigns and special interests - can anyone say: CORRUPT, CONFLICT OF INTEREST! There is no incentive for the mortgage companies to do any type of modification.... they are sitting on the money the Government (us) gave them. They then rush to foreclose on those properties, and the only reason I can see for that is the tax benefit and then the profit on selling that property - double-whammy! Have you ever heard a good story come out of a loan modification?


a63cdf95, 2011-01-08, 09:10PM CST

I am sorry to say that after reading everyones stories that I am glad that I am not alone. I thought i was the only one being tortured by The scum Chase. Please contact me to joint the class Action

1ea3cf6a, 2011-01-09, 04:20PM CST

Same here, these people are not helping anyone but themselves. I will gladly participate in a class action suit in Virginia.

1ea3cf6a, 2011-01-09, 04:29PM CST

We have the same story as everyone else.

Will gladly participate in class action suit in Virginia. It is a struggle every month to pay what they want us to pay.

161a456c, 2011-01-12, 07:24PM CST

i have tried to get a modifacation since 2008 and and have ben rejected 2 times and now all the payments that i made they are not counting they say i am 12,000 behind but i have all my western union paper from the payments i sent witch add up to be alot more than what they say i am behind they reduced my payment 50 $ and now all the fees and things are agianst me because the wont approve my remod the only thing i can do now is file chapter 13 bankruptcy they lost my paper work a few times and i never was able to talk to my case manageger always some one different with adifferent story this has ben a liveing hell and they told me i had to be behinde three months to get a remodifacation. they lied so much

b26f96b6, 2011-01-17, 06:34PM CST

We would like to be a part of a class action law suit against Chase as well. We of course have a very similar story to tell. My email address is: [email protected]

Please contact us.

4c2c5b3b, 2011-01-19, 10:12AM CST

After reading so many stories about Chase it makes me so sick. They sold our house under us during the modification process. We were told that everything was going along on a Friday and on the following tues we had a 3 day notice. when i called they had know idea. Our story is so sad and long. If there is a law suit please feel free to contact me. I want to nail these suckers to the wall. We were in our house for 26 years. [email protected]

f1a7e247, 2011-01-22, 02:30AM CST

Cound me in the lawsuit.. For 3 years Chase mad our lives misserable. All the comments here are same as we were treated. Harassed and strong armed. We finally gave up and sold our home at a deep discount to get away from Chase. And 7 months after home sale we get letter we did not qualify for loan mod-we mad too much money.Yeah our income cut 30% by corp america. Lets fight these thugs Chase.

5e01d951, 2011-01-25, 02:06AM CST

you can get info they are starting a lawsuit againt chase , because they don't to modified the loans

9cae1e02, 2011-01-25, 10:03PM CST

same here we wanna sue chase also. They are giving us the run around about the modifaction loan. I am glad i found this blog.We are 5,000 dollar behind i sent in 1700 they sent it back.. please help.. contact me @ [email protected]

aacf6999, 2011-01-26, 01:21PM CST

I have experienced horror with Chase to! They have lied and manipulated the system through..... I would like to join in a class action suit against them.

1d85a74a, 2011-01-27, 01:38PM CST

We also need to be a part of any suits going against this company. If we don't do something I'm afraid we too will be giving up a home that I believe Chase has underhandedly gotten through the loop holes to acquire for future foreclosure and resale at a profit for them. I have not begun to wrap my brain around the fact that this many people are experiencing what my husband and I have gone through for almost 15 months now. Our run with them has been a bit different but not by much. We initially contacted Chase in February 2009, before we missed any payments, to see if they could help us only to be told that as long as we hadn't missed a payment there was nothing they could do for us. We both had just been laid off and using what was left of our savings to make those payments. At that point we fell behind 2 months and called them again only to be told that we no longer qualified because we couldn't show any income. A month and a half later, my husband finally got a job but we were behind in all of our expenses and could not catch up with the back payments to Chase. Finally 5 months later, Chase sent us their normal chain letter "We Don't Want You to Lose Your Home". We were approved by mid October 2009 for the trial period. I did not stay in constant contact with them because I had no experience or friends with experience to tell me to do so. However in February 2010, they requested pay stubs, we complied. Again, nothing from them for months until we filed for bankruptcy in May and suddenly Chase refused to speak with us, although they were not included in the bankruptcy. Our attorney forwarded the authorization to speak with them, we returned it and waited. Beginning of July we received 2 letters, one for insurance info and the second received almost 2 weeks after it was dated asking for documents with a time line included. I immediately got on the phone with Chase but was told that we were kicked from the program for not submitting the required documents. By this point, I had faxed said documents to the fax# they gave me but they were claiming to not have them. I refaxed but then they said it wasn't in time. Long story short, no matter what I said, they made us resubmit the trial papers, stating that was the process. Not once was I told that the trial period was being started all over. The young lady was hostile with me and even asked when they could expect a payment to which I replied, we've made every single one of those payments since the program started and I have the cancelled checks to prove it. Early October, I called to find out whether we were finally in underwriting, once on the 2, the 12th, the 26th and then again on November 8th. On the 8th they finally said we were in underwriting but no notes to say what was next. We had resubmitted pay stubs once again in November, called in December, same story, underwriting had it wait to hear from them. I knew that the holidays would make it hell and chose to wait until after January to contact them to find out where we were at. In the meantime, we received once again by certified mail the chain letter of "We Don't Want You To Lose Your Home" in quadruplicate. This happens at least every 2 months. Four days ago, I called Chase and was told that if they did not receive the trial payment by February 1st, 2011, we would be terminated from the program, again! It was then that I began to consider exactly what Chase was up to. They claimed to have mailed a letter to us at the beginning of January giving us a trial period payment that was 200.00 more than the original trial payment. No such letter was ever received by us and I do not believe they ever mailed it, just as happened in July 2009. I was floored to hear that we had been approved once more for a "trial period" since I believed we were waiting on them to finish the loan not start all over. I believe that they either drop the ball due to unprofessional, disorganized business practices or they intentionally do not send these letters so that they can kick the homeowner from the program. This way they can restart the trial period all over again under a higher amount. I have since written a letter stating we cannot afford this change in trial payment, our situation has not changed, we are still a one income family with increased expenses from having to purchase a new vehicle and incurred the costs of a costly lawsuit (separate) on top of everything else. I do not anticipate that Chase cares, haven't had the feeling they have since day one. I believe they are purposely rejecting people based on the deception of mailing documents/requests that never make it to the homeowner. Further, I stated such in my letter asking Chase to tell me why it is that all the chain letters come certified mail and yet not one of these extremely important requests have been sent that way? In fact, I pointed out that they could not say that they mailed it to our address since each and every phone call from them begins with "Do you live at this address? Do you receive your mail there?" All of their calls are also began with "This call will be recorded and monitored for quality control". If my husband and I do not find a lawsuit or attorney who can help us, we also will be forced out of our home. For me this is big business destroying the lives of the people who probably put them there in the first place. I will do whatever I can to see Chase taken down for the unethical, deceptive practices that they have gotten away with so many of us here. My email is kndzona at Thank you.

7665696d, 2011-01-27, 01:41PM CST

I also have a lot of the complaints that these other people have. I have been going thru HOPE and everything has been recorded. They were going to sell my home and HOPE stopped them from selling it the date before the sale and I was making trial payments for almost 2 YEARS!!!!

My email is: [email protected]

f9f3bb2e, 2011-01-28, 07:22AM CST

i have been going through the same thing for two years be very interested in a class action law suit..they have ruined so many people's lives over this...and the obama think it made it easier for banks to screw people....does any one take this complaint and do something with it or are we just all waisting our time here too?who really knows what we can do and start a class action law siute...the state of arizona did it to bank of america!!and they won!

how is it possible that i see over 27,000 complaints just on here and nothing is being done!!

44b67545, 2011-01-28, 02:31PM CST

I too like so many of you have all documents, audio tapes, third party calls through MMI and countless federal laws broken by Chase and the proof to back it up, I am currently looking into a civil attorney in Atlanta, Ga, but there is strengh in numbers and I am sure a class action suit with as many responses as I see here on this site seems to me there is a way to make J.P. Morgan pay for their wrongdoing especially after the Govt. bailout they received.

598ec74e, 2011-02-01, 12:58PM CST

Found this law suit by trial and error while looking for help my self from chase. We have had the absolute worst customer sevice I have ever encountered with any mortgage company. We are definetly interested in joining this class action lawsuit. Will never do buisness with Chase ever aagain.

9490f2da, 2011-02-07, 06:30PM CST

We are in the same boat with Chase. We applied for the modifacation and faxed and also sent the package back through fed ex only to be told that they only recieved half of the forms that were sent out and 1 form was incomplete because I didn't put 1040 on line 6 which is a form that only ask for a signature. I had made a agreement with the represenative over the phone to start a repayment plan which would be $400 a month over my normal payment until it was caught up and when I called to make the payment I was told that they had cancelled the agreement and they refused to accept my payment.They even sent me a letter in the mail confirming the repayment agreement however never sent us a cancelation. If anyone gets a class action suit going please let me know. [email protected]

85e266ca, 2011-02-08, 09:44AM CST

I would like to be included. I, too have Chase horror stories. [email protected]

96f6c487, 2011-02-08, 12:33PM CST

I want to join in also. Same story for me. It's been 2 years of incompetance with Chase doing nothing, same written script each time ..... we need new financials. I was told this morning they have started foreclosure proceedings. I am sure they want you to give up. Government bailout helped no one but the large corporations be even more coruptive.

756f5f99, 2011-02-11, 05:09PM CST

I as well would like to be involved, have been told since last Feb that I qualify for loan modification, have been faxing paperwork since then, home went for foreclosure last May and thank god the judge denied the sale, I am repeatedly ask to send in the same paperwork over and over with no changes or loan modification started, I too stopped making payments because obviously they do what they want, I desperately need help and do believe there is hope with all of us working together, you can contact me at [email protected]

7c489033, 2011-02-12, 09:12PM CST

I have been in the exact same scam. The problem is nothing is getting done. we have the exact complaints and no one can help us. This HAMP modification has not helped any Chase costumers. Not to mention I never picked Chase as my mortgage co. I had washington mutual as my loan holder and was dragged into chase. i would have never banked with chase to begin with. If anyone goes into a class action suit please let me know hunt$[email protected]

e9088867, 2011-02-13, 11:16AM CST

Some one need to do somthing about this PROBLEMS.......

879e8169, 2011-02-15, 10:44PM CST


11d3095d, 2011-02-22, 09:30PM CST

We also have been dealing with Chase for 22 months now. Same old story over and over and NOTHING GETS DONE!!!! Lie after lie.....We also would like to join in on a law suit against CHASE!!!!!

saintoregon at

170fbc45, 2011-02-24, 04:31PM CST

Same story here. I would love to join in a class action suit against Chase. They gav me the same run around after making my loan amount higher then agre

ed. I'm currently facing foreclosure also.

email [email protected]

e7ce5020, 2011-02-24, 07:04PM CST

I would like to join a Chase class-action lawsuit as well. A letter from Chase last week was the last straw, whereby they denied my HAFA program application because "they are not able to prove that my home is my primary residence" Are they joking??!! This made me laugh out loud - unbelievable! I am no closer to a "loan modification" with Chase than I was 2 years ago.

4f0e4b5f, 2011-02-25, 03:59AM CST

I would like to join in a class action lawsuit as well. We started the making homes affordable program with Chase right after it began. To make a very long story short, we have been making the trial payments on time every month for almost two years, sending in the "required "paperwork over and over again. We have signed each trial agreement and sent paperwork immediately back to them. We just received a packet from them asking for every single piece of paper again, how many times do you need to send in the same hardship affidavit? It is very disheartening.

8898c74d, 2011-02-25, 07:58PM CST

People I think its time to start campaigns against Chase. Lets tell our friends and family to close checking and saving accounts with Chase. Something needs to be done. I unforunately have a sale date of March 2 2yrs of this has taken a huge toll on all of us. Plese also let us know of an lawsuits. Thank you. whtvino

4fec9344, 2011-02-27, 07:17AM CST

I have also been through the wringer with Chase, both with this remodication scam as well as an insurance claim. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit, I will be most happy to join. My email is [email protected]

8898c74d, 2011-02-28, 08:17AM CST

Do you want to know why chase or banks are not giving us loan modifications check out this video on Youtube:

Indymac Boys Get Sweetheart Deal

This is the answer we all needed I'm sure some of us already knew this but it still makes me very angry.... our take dollars bailing out invesors that don't need bailing out. arrggg

8abde323, 2011-02-28, 01:34PM CST

To all of you with this problem of loan modification.PLEASE be very careful.Mine took almost two years.In the end I lost my house and dont no how it happend.I was still getting paperwork when someone showed up at my house to inform me that they bought it at an auction on oct.15 2010.I cant get hold of anybody.They act like i dont exist.Did not miss a payment.Did not get a default notice or forclosuer notice.

5839cc41, 2011-03-01, 04:34PM CST

My story is the same everyone elses. And too long and painful to even wright. Called to see about deferring one payment. From that moment, it only took five months for them to evict us from our home. We lost everything because of this. Even our marrage. How many famlies have been destroyed because of greed and corruption. I live in Tx. pease include me in this. my e-mail; [email protected]

423e2470, 2011-03-03, 02:27AM CST

This is amazing-- same story over and over-- I also have sent in paperwork over and over-- they would send a list of documents needed and about a week later send out a different documents needed list-- (many same items- just sent)I thought it was me (as I lost my son in August- and thought I must just be crazy--) until I have read countless others that have been through the same insanity-- I have never been given a trial period--nor recieved any certified letters-- I just recieved (regular mail) a notice that my modification was denied-- due to insufficient income (which is why I applied in the first place--when I retired w/less income until I found employment to supplement)When I called about notice was informed my house was to be sold March 2 (only five days away) and that there were no other options for me- I also have had the house for nearly 20 years- (only the past two w/Chase mortgage)and now what? I'll get a notice that I have three days to vacate--??? Insane! Please inform me if anyone is able to start a class action-- and I'll post if I find any help--

5f523bbc, 2011-03-05, 12:09AM CST

We have a simular story. They told us not to make any payments until the paperwork was done and they keep telling us they had everything they needed for weeks then tell us they never got some of it. this wnet on for a year and a half and then tell us we don't make enough. I thought that the modifacation was for people who had less income now. Now they are trying to forclose on us and say we own $18,000 in just fees now. We need to get a suit against them and fast.

d91a5688, 2011-03-06, 05:10PM CST

I am trying to contact the Oprah Show in reference to Chase, please get all your paperwork in order.

b7ac7e59, 2011-03-08, 12:35PM CST

I would like to join this class action lawsuit against Chase. We had been working with them for 2 1/2 years now on Loan Modification, but still no sign of success.

af11bb01, 2011-03-23, 01:35PM CDT

They held my checks for months and foreclosed the day after they were stamped ans dated. There nust be something illegal about that.Then charged me double for the associated fees. it took me 90 days to get a reinstatement

amount and then another 90 days to get the actual reinstatement confirmation, effectively destroying my credit.....

Anonymous, 2011-03-25, 08:29PM CDT

We would like to be a part of a class action law suit against Chase as well. Our story is very similar to the stories told here on this website. My email address is: [email protected]

Please contact us.

8d8f6496, 2011-03-28, 04:06PM CDT

My story is the same as all the rest, 13mnts into this and the same story more paperwork, put me on the list for the lawyers.please feel free to contact me.

8a07c344, 2011-04-04, 03:22AM CDT

i am going through this same process and have been since 2009. I need help as well and can clearly make my mortgage . Chase has messed up my credit. please email me at [email protected]

451f4a85, 2011-04-06, 12:03PM CDT

Same story here...their call center is in PANAMA!!! I got called this morning from "Out of Area" 555-555-5555 saying it was CHASE and wanting ss numbers...BEWARE. they hide behind fake numbers then I called them to report fraud and said I called the wrong department. I report to my State Attorney General and advise all to do same!!

69c4949f, 2011-04-12, 07:58AM CDT

I have numorous story's dating back to oct. 2009 like everyone here, I will say that just last month FINALLY I have my modification. I was getting ready to pack up and move thinking that it was over. I will be happy to give you any help and information that I can. I am not in the position single handed to take on Chase in a lawsuit for the illegal activity that they have done and I have proof of as many of you do but surely if we pull together we should be able to get some sort of monetary relief for the stress and emotional distress I am sure so many of you along with me and my wife and children have went through not knowing if we would have a place to live or not due to Chase's carrelessness and dis-reguard for the law, the first being that when the making homes affordable process started it was against federal law for chase to make anyone wait 90 day's to be able to apply for this govt. program. I am sorry but breaking the law is breaking the law and just because it had not trickled down to your phone rep's yet is not an excuse, how many times would wome of us get pulled over by the police for speeding and say" I did not know" ignorance is no excuse. It pains me to see how so many families already to date have lost their homes sometimes just due to the fact that they were not as diligent as I have been in staying on top of Chase, I went that extra mile and put in 200% into making sure they did as they said, but most people would have given up long ago and lost, and I know many have. If you would like to contact me, you may do so at davesrepsol69 at gmail dot com. I may be at least able to give you some ideas that may help.

God Bless.

8d3d5e37, 2011-04-12, 03:03PM CDT

We have the same story as everyone else. Been going to court every couple of months since February 2009. Didn't miss any payments, but they started foreclosure anyway. Definately interested in class action lawsuit.

1a19cf4f, 2011-05-05, 01:56AM CDT

My story is the same as the others. My husband was laid off, we were a payment behind. I called Chase to streamline our FHA loan and was told that we should save our money and apply for a modification. We made our trial payments in July, August & September 2009, never received paper work, were told they were backed up, but not to worry etc. We have since sent several more sets of documents with the largest packet being 67 pages faxed to Chase before the holidays... no answer forever, had surgery April 11, got home on the 12th and was served with foreclosure papers on the 13th. Strange part is that Chase keeps calling requesting documents for the modification and has even sent us another application?!? Can we say robo-sign, lawsuit and Chase just took us for a ride. I agree that this program is a scam and that Chase has no intention of helping anyone. I called again today trying to get in touch with someone who could help. I was hung up on by "accident" then transfered several times and then sent to the voice mail of an alleged supervisor. To top things off I received a letter today from the foreclosure trustee advising that Chase would be taking the home back in 60-90 days, transfering it to HUD and that we could apply to stay i.e. rent the property??? Are these people for real?? Please, someone help us. Someone has got to know what to do about this before it's too late.

3dc9aca7, 2011-05-25, 12:30AM CDT

I wish there was an attorney that read all of our posts, on this complaint website, and would be willing to help us all file a Class Action Lawsuit against Chase. There should be "strength in numbers" and with so many people that have been involved with these problems, it seems that it would be easier for us to join together & get some justice!

Has anyone found out any info regarding a Class Action Suit forming yet? I'm not sure how to even go about starting one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

474b28a8, 2011-08-09, 02:23PM CDT

Thank you please let me know I would be very interested in joining in I have had the very same problems with chase to where they even charged my home loan off (like a credit card) and sold it to a collection agency i don't even know who owns the loan at this point i when through the same things with the modification problems and everything.

280c9805, 2011-08-17, 09:02PM CDT

Wow, all of this sounds AWFULLY familiar to what I have been going through for a year now with Chase. I am not going to go into details about their horrific mistakes during this nightmare of a process, but after 3 failed attempts at a modification that SHOULD have been approved(met all qualifications), I now have the funds to pay EVERYTHING owed in payments missed, late charges, and attorney's fee's and I cannot get a "reinstatement letter" from them to tell me the exact amount needed to reinstate my loan. Two reps in 30 days have told me I would receive the letter in 5-7 business days. Now, 30 days later, I still have no letter! The second rep told me the first rep requested the letter be sent to them, not me. That makes sense...send the reinstatement letter from Chase to Chase. Yeah, that will get them the $11,000 I have to give them a lot sooner. It just doesn't seem that they want to help the consumers. It seems they are getting funding for dragging everyone through the mud. I don't know, but I have about had it with them and might just let them eat the loss and take my hard earned money elsewhere...there's a billion "buy owner" and "owner finance" homes on the market that would love to have my money!!! The second rep stated that I have "ample time" to get this reinstated before there's a sale date on my property I've paid on for 20 years now.....we'll see!! Trust me, all conversations, times, reps names, what was discussed, etc., have been documented and will be ready to use in a court of law when needed. They are making FAR too many mistakes and pretty much criminal activity for the people not to take action. Good luck to all of you, and if/when I am reinstated I will pursue a refinance with another company if it's the last thing I do!!!!

4fa4192d, 2011-08-22, 09:47AM CDT

Has anything happened with this lawsuit? I have a similiar story and frustrated beyond belief right now!

9f085802, 2011-09-25, 02:05PM CDT

I had the same thing happen to me for a period of over 3 months I spoke with a man from chase who kept saying that i didnt have anything to worry about that they would be able to modify mt loan i even tried to make my late payments and i was told not to send them in that i would have to wait to send them in while they reviewed my file I kept in contact with the same person then on a sunday afternoon I had someone come and tape a notice on my front door that my house is now in foreclosure and that it will be listed in the paper monday morning and put up for auction. I took monday off from work and spent the entire day trying to contact someone regarding this. The original person I was working with suddenly was not available at the phone # he provided me with and I spent the entire day on the phone trying to find someone who knew what the heck was going on. I finally got someone to dig into it after I had become very loud and obnoxious. Oh and after being charged an attorneys fee by them for the fact that my home went into forclosure.I now pay about double what my regular payment is and who knows what happens at the end of this modification they really didn't give me a sound or reassuring sense that I will be able to have my payment go back to what it was before all of this.

833caf61, 2011-12-01, 09:55PM CST

It seems that NO ONE is listening to the PEOPLE who have been BURNED by CHASE. I'm tired of it!!!! I've had my FINAL Modification paperwork in hand, signed by my self and returned by CHASE also signed since January 2010. As of today they claim I'm over $42,000 in arrears which they're basing on my OLD mortgage at 6.875% not the 2% for the first 5 yrs and adjusted thereafter o 40 years. I've been paying the Final Modif. Mtge amount since my 1st payment of March 2010. All went smoothly until I received a statement in April showing a past due payment (old mortgage) etc., etc. then I received a new Modification in May then Aug then Oct then Nov 2010 I was told I was declined??? DUH, I've written to everyone in the government and nothing has happened. Then I get a call from someone from 202-402-5545 who left a message stating he was from the US Dept of Housing & Urban Developmt. which is one of the Divisions I sent a copy to. It showed up as WITS2001 on my caller ID. Googled it and it came up some other company. Who is getting our information when we do write??? Is the government just passing it on to other divisions eg HOPE NOW, which is the agency the gentleman told me to call. Albeit - another Home Affordable program. Why won't someone read all these posts and help us. I would love to sue the hell out of CHASE for putting me through this HELL!

bd7d4af6, 2012-02-11, 08:50AM CST

I received a harp loan in Nov 2010 from chase,sold to me as a harp loan,the problem was it wasn't.The point of intrest I was supposed to get off they charged for $2470.00, with a total of $5254.00 in closing cost.Once again screwed by a large bank.Now suing Chase for the principal balance of my home plus $1.7 Million in punitive damages.Thank you Chase for being so stupid you are a bunch of Dumdfuck Bankers you stupid fucks.

88a24fd2, 2012-03-03, 02:00PM CST

class action Attorneys Information

please tell them your story

When the Mortgage Should Not Have Been Offered ...

Unscrupulous mortgage brokers were signing up loans as fast as they could and they did not care if the people signing the loans could afford to repay them. They did not care that they were setting people up to fail, to lose their homes and to face financial difficulties, even bankruptcy. Fighting Back Against Predatory Lending

If you were one of the people who was given a loan even though you were not qualified, please know that you are not alone. Many people were taken in by the assurances of mortgage lenders.

How can you fight back? When many people are affected by the same lender in the same way, this could be an opportunity for a class action attorney to file a lawsuit against lender fraud. It sends a message to dishonest lenders, and it may help you obtain some compensation for what you have gone through.

Lender walks away: In predatory lending, the lender issues the note and then sells the mortgage right away. The lender walks away while the new note holder and the borrower are left to deal with the problem.

Interest rates: Many predatory loans start with high interest rates with a suggestion that refinancing at a lower rate will be easy. Or they may start with a low interest rate and then have a balloon rate at a later date.

Trading on dreams: Predatory lenders take advantage of people's dreams. They convince people that a home is within reach. They tell them not to worry about interest rates and balloon payments. They say the home will increase in value every year.

A lot of people got taken in by predatory lenders. The lender knows that people already in deep financial trouble cannot afford a lawyer to fight back. With a class action lawsuit a lawsuit that represents many people you can fight back.

Contact and tell us about your experience with predatory lending.


192def98, 2012-04-03, 10:06PM CDT

chase have lied to me and cause me to loose my home. Please contact me for more information.

200ba38b, 2012-05-07, 10:13PM CDT

Please tell us if this is going to happen, the Lawsuit against Chase! We have been through the ringer with this Company! To make a long story short I had to have major Heart Surgery, then developed an Aneurysm which burst then sent Bloodclot and Debri down into my left leg fought for that forever then ended up loosing my leg. Contacted Chase to try to get help before my amputation, told they cannot help due to us not being late but wait until we are late and then call back! Didnt want to get late but did then called them and it has been about almost a year of back and forth with them, was told that they would help us with a Medical Remodification repayment agreement we did agree have been making the payments then just lastnight tried to make a Payment and was told by a representitive that they nolonger can find our account and our House is in Forclosure again! Please Help! [email protected]

9d28961b, 2012-05-16, 07:35AM CDT

Chase Mortage has made my life miserable. I have tried time and time again to work with them to no avail. I have sent in more documents than I can keep up with in a attempt to work on modifications - short sales - deed in lou of foreclosure but nothing has worked. They have posted on my credit report that the house has been foreclosed on but I'm still maintaining the propery and keeping insurance active. Everytime you call you get a new representative that is clueless on what's been done previously. Just yesterday (5-15-2012) I received a request for documents I just sent in last week - we have tried to work with them but it is impossible. my credit is damage that has kept me from gaining employement but Chase will NOT work with us.

685a0e55, 2012-06-02, 09:32PM CDT

This is the exact same thing I am going threw. Please if you have any idea of what to do please let me know.

I have been in loan modificatin since March 2012 and now I have been served with papers saying my home is going into foreclosure and they have refused all payment

fb98d5b1, 2012-06-26, 10:45PM CDT

i tried to do a loan mod with chase three times and got turned down to start with i was only 3 payments behind then cought one up so then was 2 payments behind and tried a loan mod three times and got turned down they would only use my income and not my wife so now they have foreclosed on our home i wont to keep my home and if i can find a good lawyer ill try but need one that is not real high you can email me at [email protected]

Kathy B., 2012-10-06, 11:32PM CDT

I would love to speak to the masses about what Chase Home Finance really does with the Home Affordable Program and the latest "Georgia Hardest Hit Program". They tell homeowners who have lost their job and are reaching out for help, that they have to be 3 months late on their mortgage payment to qualify, then they take your home if there is any equity in it. If you are "upside down" on your home, they tell you that you do not qualify if you are underemployed, unemployed, or overemployed. It doesn't matter. We have applied 3 times and have heard every excuse as to why we do not qualify. You only "qualify" if Chase can somehow foreclose on your house or make a huge profit in interest charges. The "Hope Program" which is a non-profit organization is financed through these banks. In turn, "Hope" refers these poor homeowners to the same banks (Chase Home Finance included) who then try to profit by giving you a loan that you are unable to pay back so they can take your home. Incredible, but true!!!!!!!!!

Amanda Z., 2013-06-28, 04:03PM CDT

I have been screwed by jp Morgan bank for a longtime. If someone out there can help I am desperate for help. My husband was laid off for 4 years with no help from them. I am disabled and my 2 children are also with a form of muscular dystrophy and have not bed able to receive any help from the state. If anyone can help, please help me and my family.

Paul d., 2014-10-26, 06:17AM CDT

Great article. Thanks for the info and discussions are very interesting to read. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a form 4506-T, I found a blank form here This site PDFfiller also has some tutorials on how to fill it out and a few related tax forms that you might find useful.

Amanda Z., 2014-10-26, 03:59PM CDT

Our mortgage was unfortunately bought by chase. I am disabled, not able to collect disability and my husband is a union carpenter in michigan. When there wasn't a lot of work in michigan my husband was laid off. We called and tried to have chase work with us, they didn't at all. They lied and said they would and then I would talk to someone else after about it and they had no idea what I was talking about or disconnect my call. They put us in foreclosure and even the prproper channels on letting us know. Worse experience of my life.

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