Dollar General - Cashier Refuses to Sell a Child's Ball to a Disabled Woman

Posted on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at 2:05pm CDT by 3714e33c

Company: Dollar General

Location: 6915 Hwy 311
Sellersburg, IN, 47172, US


Category: Other

Today my mother and I visited the Dollar General store # 11726 on Hwy 311 in Sellersburg. My mother recently had a total hip replacement and is on a walker. She visited your store looking for a child's ball of just the right size to use for her physical therapy. She found one that was perfect for her and, after doing a little more shopping, we went up to the register to purchase it.

The cashier took one look at the ball and immediately said, "It ain't gonna let you purchase it!" She scanned it once, put the ball aside, and said, "Nope, ain't gonna let you purchase it. You want to get another one?" I explained to the cashier that the ball was for my mother's physical therapy and it was just the right size for her to use. She just looked at us with indifference and asked if there was another ball the same size we'd like.

So my mother, on her walker, had to go back to the aisle again and look to try and find another ball while the cashier left her station to make copies for what appeared to be a vendor in the store. She was so frustrated at this point that she was going to walk out without any of her purchases had she repeated that performance with the second ball. Luckily it did ring up but we received no apologies from the cashier or explanation of why we couldn't purchase the first ball other than the UPC wouldn't scan.

I don't understand this at all. If the ball is in a rack for sale, has a UPC on it, and has a price tag on it (which was the same price as the ball we ultimately purchased), what reason could you possibly have for not selling a piece of merchandise? Add to this her insensitive treatment of a disabled person, it seems like a slap in the face.

I feel like we deserve an explanation of why this happened the way it did today. An employee of this company upset a long term customer (she's been shopping with them as long as I can remember), all over a $2.50 ball she only wanted for her therapy.


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