Dish Network - Dish Network vs. Direct TV- NO COMPETITION

Posted on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 at 11:23am CDT by d859ed4c

Product: Dish Network is truly horrible

Company: Dish Network

Location: US

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I switched to Dish Network after 8 years of Direct TV to give them a shot. On top of the ungainly, massive boxes Dish Network installs they try to get away with installing as few boxes as possible for as many tv's as possible, i.e. 4 tv's running off 2 boxes.

In my house the aforementioned setup does not work and I am left with a Master Bedroom television that does not get the signal. I was told if I wanted an additional receiver I would have to pay $200 plus the cost of install plus an additional monthly fee. If the technician did his due diligence this would have been discovered before he spent 14 hours (!!!) installing the system.

I am counting down the days until my contract is over. Their customer service is non existent. They can have all the commercials and advertisements they want at the end of the day customer service makes a difference and Dish Network does not have it.


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008a25c3, 2010-12-23, 09:55AM CST

Hello, this is Mike LeMar with DISH Network customer service. We are the only company in the satellite TV industry that has the dual-TV receiver technology and the reason for installing two of those receivers rather than four individual solos is to keep the monthly receiver fees cost-efficient to you.

Right now, you're incurring only one additional receiver fee. If four individual solo receivers were installed, three additional receiver fees would be incurred.

If you are having signal issues in your master bedroom, unplug that receiver from the wall for 15 seconds, then replug it back in. Let me know if the problem persists.

Hope that helps!

e9cf74b2, 2010-12-29, 12:43PM CST

This is Phillip Chang with DISH Network customer service department. I am sorry to hear that you had a signal issue and would like to help. I did read about the dual receiver that you were having the issue with. I assure you that our dual tuner receivers function just like two separate receivers would. Some of the benefits of having a dual tuner setup would be cutting down on the amount of space that installation needs and it generally makes for a cleaner install. Having a dual tuner receiver should not affect the your signal at all.

I want to ensure that your concerns are addressed. Please fee free to e-mail at phillip.chang@dishnetwork if you would like any additional information. I can assure you that we do value you feedback as we continue to strive for the best was in assisting you. Thanks for being a valued customer!

e5f1c98f, 2011-02-01, 11:00AM CST

Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network. I understand your frustration. Some of the receivers are a few inches tall which is one of the reasons we are proud to have the best rated equipment available, that can provide services to two televisions allowing one TV to be free of any box. Yes they work independently. Our company is exclusive on this set up and also allows a customer to not be charged for the second TV programming access fee, most providers start charging that fee after the first TV. Some times it takes a technician awhile to do an installation. We strive to provide the best installation possible which may than result in not being the quickest. If you have any other questions please let us know.

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