Dell guaranty is a lie

Posted on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 at 8:11pm CDT by 7b2e657d

Product: INSPIRON 1440

Company: Not Available

Location: Astoria, NY, 11105, US

Category: Other

After calling tech support 3 times and sending my computer to DELL two for a metallic noise in the computer they didn't fix the problem. Both times they made me make a backup of all the data because they said they would change the hard drive and other hardware. The first time they only changed the fan and I got that noise after a few hours of using the computer. The second time I called he said the should have changed the HD but he didn't know why they didn't do it, so he said he would write a note to be sure they change the second time. But now I get my computer back with a note that they didn't find any problem so they didn't change anything.. and guess what, I still get the noise. So now I'm with a computer that can crash in any moment, I spent around 4 hours in the phone with them and I had no computer for 3 weeks. this is the worst deal ever.... I will never buy or recommend DELL to anyone

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3f86c128, 2011-02-03, 03:11AM CST

Were you able to get a resolution to this in the end?

Clay Douglass

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