Rembright White - Credit (Refund) or billing disputes

Posted on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 at 7:39am CDT by fafaba27

Product: Rembright White

Company: Rembright White

Location: 1412 FM 1960 Rd West #222
Houston, TX, 77090, US


Category: Other

Ordered 10 day trail order on 8/12/2009. Arrived on 8/24/2009 with no trays to use Rembright. Cancelled on 8/26/2009. Received e-mail from Rodney in Customer Service--we have cancelled your account today--no longer be billed by our company. On 8/27/2009 my bank account was credited $84.86. Called and asked for all my money back. Was told only get $67.86--will be charged a restocking fee for order. Customer service rep hung up. Never received trays to test the product and I feel the 10 days was up before partial product order arrived. Requesting full refund to be added back to my credit card. Thanks Frankie Eden

Filed complaint with BBB--no reply from Rembright.


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