the Rush fitness complex also known as hubney fitness corp - unautherized payment draft and refusal to return funds

Posted on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 at 9:26pm CDT by 955ceb35

Product: gym membership

Company: the Rush fitness complex also known as hubney fitness corp

Location: 10708 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37934-3001
knoxville, tn, 37934, US


Category: Other

sunday April 25th i was strolling the local mall with a friend when we were approuched by a handsome fit young man he said he worked for the Rush fitness complex and gave us a free pass to work out but i had to make an appointment with him, "fair enough" i said, so we agreed we would meet the following friday. when i went to the gym i loved it i though it was all i wanted the my consultant(the guy from the mall) was so professional and kind. we sat down and i sighed a contract but i had to put 300 down i thought i was alot but he kept reminding me all of what it included, so i signed the document and handed them a check.That night i couldnt stop thinking about iti realized it was way too much for a gym membership and it was out of my budget, i called my consultant the very next date and apologized to him and advised him i could not keep the membership, he advised me to call into the complex and speak with a manager. when i called the gym the receptionist said that i need to call member services and cancel with them, unfortunetly they were closed for the weekend. so i read over the contract and it read that i have to send a letter by the fourth of May. i mailed my letter of cancellation the next business day and placed a stop payment on the check on 5/3/10 but i was too late the Rush had already presented the check iao 300.00. I immediately called my bank in a panic and demanded they get my funds back but they said that thier hands were tied i signed the check and referred me back to the devil i mean the Rush.i called memberservices 5/4/10 in a absolute panic pleading for my funds back it caused me to be in the negative in my checking account and caused me to asses over 200 in overdraft fees.for about 2 or 3 days i was ping pong back and forth between the companies. "That's it, I've had enough" I demanded to speak with a supervisor at the rush so i was connected to Cindy Wilkerson and she was very polite she said she understood the situation and apologized for everything. She refernced the contract and said that i would have to send the letter in the mail(already done) and once the cancelation letter is recieved i can get me money bank my bank would reverse the fees and i get my life back. "Great! its finally going to be resolved" so i thought but i was wrong i contiued to check the status of my request through the the months went on finally on 5/14/10 i was concerned that the letter had not yet been recieved. So i asked the rep. what could i do he said send another letter but it has to be dated the same date the last letter was dated within the grace days. "sure no problem" it was a set back but i was still on track to getting my funds back and boy did i need it. i recieved a letter in the mail dated 5/15/10 on 5/25/10 and it read that i would not be recieving my payment back because the cancellation letter was recieved 4/19 outside of the allowed time. now im furious i call in and request to speak with a sup the tell me Cindy is the "only supervisor" and she's not always in i left numerious messages in her voicemail and yet no calls were return. a Rep advised me that they are often left at the site with no supervisor on duty. I finnally reached Cindy and she came on the line more upset than i was she said i would not get my funds back and i could not complain to the corporate office, she said she would forward my email (that was sent to member services on 6/1/10 to their "review board". i continued to call in everyday on my lunch break. Meanwhile i have been leaving messages in mr Masseys voicemail box Cindy's boss but he never answered a call or seemed to be available to take a call. u i finally spoke with Cindy on 6/14/10 again she got on the phone more frustrated than i was and said the funds will not be return to me and the theri "review board sided with them". Unbelievable, my customer service experience with Rush was completely terrible they are rude. blunt unprofessional and un- sympathetic, the management is completely incompetent and inconsiderate, Cindy told me that i could not get my funds back, they would be charging me a monthly membership charge and there is no one i can talk to buyer beware stay away from the Rush. It was beneficial for the Rush not to recieve the cancellation letter, i believe that they are liars and thieves. i have lost 300 of my dollars and over 200.00 in overdraft fees not to mention the time that i have spent on this. I have called everyday for a month and ahalf to speak in hopes that i could speak with management.


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