Genesis Area Development - Beware of the Crooks

Posted on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 at 8:25am CDT by c99c4a4d

Product: Representitive Payee Services

Company: Genesis Area Development

Location: P.O.Box 1263


Category: Business, Finances

If you are thinking of using this company as your representitive payee service, think again. Please avoid getting checks you can't cash, bounced checks, unpaid bills and a denial when you need your money for personal use. Blair Crooks works for his uncle Bob Crooks (the owner), and Blair is rude and don't want to give you your money when you have special request for it. Case in point, my husband has them for a payee service and he ask Blair to send a check so he can have spending money for a trip with our grandson; Blair replied "I'm not sending you any money, unless you give us a receipt" the problem was we needed the money before the trip and he insisted that he was not sending the money and he hung the without a goodbye. Another case, GAD sent a check that bounced and instead of paying the fees from their funds since it was their mistake, they took the money from my husband's fund to pay the bad check fees. Also, when he started the service, they seem polite and after a few months they refused to pay certian bills and stopped sending $75.00 a week to $25.00 per week and did not want to send any paper work on how they were spending the money. I had to contact social security to talk to them just to get a print out on what they was doing with the money. Some weeks they don't send a weekly check like at the end of the month... what happens to the last check of the month I don't know. When you try to call and ask about missing funds, they don't answer the phone... you will get a recording. There is discrapencies on the statements you receive (if you get one) and they don't inform you if their is an increase or reduction on your checks. Don't bother filing a complaint with social security because it seem that they look the other-way and allow them to continue to rip-off their clients. Well, my husband and I recently got married and he don't need their services anymore, but if you must have a representitive payee PLEASE find another alternative besides Genesis Area Development because they are Crooks, shady, questionable, and have their own best interest in mind. PLEASE AVOID THIS COMPANY. But, if you have no choice demand to speak with anyone other than Blair.

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Tan T., 2015-09-03, 04:02PM CDT

I second what the other poster has written.Blair is a liars

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