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Ive bought four computers through Walmart website on May, 19 (order numbers 1317551 and 1317589). The delivery was planned in 2 working days after the approval of the payment, which occurred on the same day.

On May, 21, we received, as planned, four volumes.

When opening the packages, we noticed that one of them (packaged differently), contained only a monitor (by the size of the volume, its clear that its impossible to put an entire computer inside)!

I've contacted the company in the same day, a protocol was opened for investigation (11551383), with maximum return time of five days, which did not occur.

Since then, several attempts of contact were made and the attendants, often disrespectful, impatient and robotic, instructing just to wait.

After a complaint to one of the main newspapers of Brazil (Folha de S. Paulo), I was contacted by Mr. Cristiano who is promising a solution day by day, which did not occur until today (June, 21).

Given the urgent need of the machine in my hospital, since all the tasks regarding medical consultations and examinations are computerized and the lack of computers was causing complaints of customers (and I, differently from Walmart, care about that!), I bought a new computer in another (and now responsible) website.

Unfortunately, my option to buy a product via internet to save time represented a trouble more than a solution and the case is being reported to all the serious press releases I have contacts and related to the police department soon.


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