Charter Communications - Charter Cable Internet blocks port 80

Posted on Monday, June 21st, 2010 at 3:40pm CDT by 23d541b3

Product: Charter Cable Internet

Company: Charter Communications

Location: 12405 Powerscourt Drive
St. Louis, MO, 63131, US


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I recently started working from a home office doing web development and software engineering. I was unable to access my computer on port 80, so after much trial and error, removing my router, and plugging my computer directly into the modem, and using a packet sniffer to see what packets were coming through, I found that no packets were making it to my network if they were inbound on port 80.

So I called Customer Service. They said the modem wasn't blocking any ports. In fact, five or more Customer Service agents including a manager ALL insisted that Charter doesn't block any ports anywhere. They also refused to transfer me to anyone who knew what telnet was, or had the ability to run a simple test to help me debug the problem (if indeed they were not blocking port 80). The best they could do was send a cable technician to my house. I agreed.

The cable technician called the technical support person he talks to about network issues, and immediately the response was: "Yes, we block port 80 inbound on residential service lines".

LET IT BE KNOWN! Charter Customer service will sit and lie to you all day long, and say they don't block port 80 - they do.

Limiting bandwidth on port 80 is acceptable. Blocking it all together is not okay. Blocking it and lying to their customers about it is shameful and false advertising. Dear Charter: You suck.

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2f4b9ef4, 2011-01-14, 05:02PM CST

To be clear, I am on a charter residential service, and I have unrestricted access to port 80. For a while, I had the same issue... until I allowed port 80 in Windows Firewall. I suspect the issue is on the users end, not Charter's.

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