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Posted on Sunday, June 20th, 2010 at 12:31pm CDT by f0caa6cb

Product: Service and Parts

Company: Little Dealer Little Prices RV - Parts and Service

Location: 2350 W. Deer Valley Road
Phoenix, AZ, 85027, US


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I will never go to Little Dealer RV in Deer Valley again, and after explaining this experience I had with their Service MANAGER at this location (apparently within the company it is not a surprise that he is a rude and difficult person). This causes me to wonder about the entire management of the company. And, he was not only rude, he was unable to accurately test a deep cycle battery this is the manager of the service department. I suggest avoiding.

June-2010: Had purchased a trailer from the company about 1.5 months earlier. A new battery was installed at that time. The battery was bad and would not hold a charge. Took it into Little Dealer-Deer Valley location for check and replacement. I had already charged the battery overnight and checked the Specific Gravity it was showing as dead.

Service Manager was only staff available on a Saturday, and there were two of us customers waiting. After he finished demeaning another service staff employee in front of customers, he grudgingly wondered what we wanted. I showed the battery to him and he said to bring over to his computer location, but dont put that on my counter, I dont want it ruined with acid! this was our introduction to his customer service. After he looked my account up, he stated that the battery cells were only half full based on his prior look at it. He then retrieved his battery tester. Upon his return, I explained that none of the cells were low and that his half full statement was not correct. He proceeded to deny that he said such, and the other customer that was waiting even corrected him - that he indeed did make that statement. All he could find was that one cell had a slightly less amount than the others, but it was not even low.

This Service Manager then checked the battery and proclaimed it was fine the cold cranking power was fine. There was nothing wrong with that battery, it is good. I explained that on a deep cycle battery, cold cranking power has no bearing in the equation this one was Not holding a charge. He refused to check any further.

Frustrated, I went to another Little Dealer location, they checked the battery and immediately identified that the battery was bad and provided me with a replacement. I had just started sharing my experience with them about the Deer Valley Service Manager and all the staff knew who I was talking about. They apparently had previous history with that mans demeanor and reputation it appeared that they their own experiences first hand, and several other customers that had come into their store had shared similar experiences.

I do need to point out that another Manager from Deer Valley location had left a voicemail message in the meantime to try and address my experiences I will share with you what I shared with him. Even though he wanted me to let him know every thing was OK since the other store location acted appropriately, I refused. What I shared with him is that if his company allows a rude, abrupt, and in this case not-completely competent person manage a Service Department, I have to believe there is a systemic issue with the management of the company.


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