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Product: brown colour carry on

Company: carnival cruise lines

Location: sakina mansil.3 floor no8.bldg (2).opp hinduja college mumbai 400004.
mumbai, ma, 400004, IN


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what a great shame.

i am a passenger who flew from MIAMI to mumbai on 30 jan the time of checkin i checked in three bags from which one was a small carry-on containing my first new born baby stuff as i checked in my all the three luggages from which two of them were tabbed and the small carry-on was itseems just ignored they didn't place any luggage code on the bag .later on aas i proceeded towards my flight. i ffinally reached my home country india upon landing at the indian airport i was waiting like hell to recieve my small carron at the conveyour belt i realised that my bag is missing .so i procceded towards the airindia baggage claim counter almost after a long flight there the staff told me to stand near the counter as the person incharge is not available and nobody has a clue where this person is or who will be listening to my problem as it is i was exhausted after along flight and mosquitoes bitting over every part of my body i was very much upset with the service i expected this in my own country after such a long time.say after almost 45 minutes the concerned person arrives on the scene and atonce the staff sitting on that counter uses a most filthy and degrading language not knowing that i too speak the same language and understand it equally too..

2)the person who was handling my problem first he asked me for the luggage tag so i looked at his face and was surprised to what he is trying to ask me and so he in a very rude voice he again questioned me i cant help you at all till the time you show me your luggage tag .so he checked my rest of the two luggages and i told him well i am not aware of this procedure so he told me ok go to the custom officer and inform him about your problem .as i reach to the custom officer the gentlemen was not ready to listen to my problem he flately told me see if i take this responsibility on my head it will be the headeache for me which i dont want to have it so i wiil try and make you a correspondence - report.after getting the report done i was told to come and see the AIR-INDIA baggage claim dept in the morning which i did upon meeting the supervisor she started working on my matter .she asked me the content in my missing carryon and then she sent a message to american airlines letting them knowing about my matter but guess what a letter was not sent to the american airlines at all it was just a skit prepared by her to fool me for the very fact i asked her to give me a copy of the correspondence and she atonce started stammering to reply me saying that its a confidential matter and you cannot recieve any copy from us but the indian al will get in touch with you as and when i will get the reply from american airlines.i had already realised by now that this is just a clumsy gossip and i am waisting my time .as i was about to leave their office she told me perhaps you may sue us for this matter and that very moment my dout changed into reality about the soup they were cooking for me .

3)almost every morning upon my family's persuasion i was giving a call to airindia and she use to tell me there's no reply from them so far and they also gave me the no to call up am al but that no was also not of that particular person whom i had to speak to about the matter..

4)finally i finished my vaccn and i came back to U.S. and called up the airlines and explained them the whole matter and guess what they told me they had already disposed of the bag in 10 days as they didn't get any responce from the concerned airlines.

so my only request to all my fellow passenger is that you will never be entertained as far as the resposibility is concerned of any airline towards their carelessness and ignorance about their job.


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