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Posted on Saturday, June 19th, 2010 at 5:22pm CDT by 3acfcac1

Product: Air Travel

Company: American Airlines

Location: American Airlines Customer Relations P.O. Box 619612 MD 2400 DFW Airport, TX 75261-9612


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I cannot believe the treatment that was experienced by my husband when he was on a flight with American Airlines to go to his military duty training. It all started when I wasn't even allowed to see him off at the gate. But after he got on the plane, it was nothing but hell for him. From being seated right under an airconditioner vent that was spitting things at him, to the rude crew members and flight attendants. But the worst of all was the unexplainable 3 hour delay that in turn made him miss his connecting flight in Chicago to get to his destination on time. They sat on the plane for 3 HOURS before taking off. While they were sitting there he had contacted me to let me know what was happenening and as we were speaking I heard the pilot over the "PA system" that the delay was due to overfueling and "last minute paperwork". When i contacted the flight information line at American Airlines it stated for no specified reason it was delayed. So my husband sitting there, in uniform, no less had to hang up with me and contact superiors to notify of the delay, when he did that an American Airlines attendant looked at him on the phone and scolded him and advised him to put that away. I understand the thing about no cell phones in use while plane is operating, but for one he had to contact in order to update superiors of the events, and two, THE PLANE WAS SITTING AT THE RUNWAY!!! My husband's original trip was to have him arrive at his destination around 12:30 in the afternoon local time. Meaning his trip was only to last 4 hours or so. But in turn after the event at American Airlines, all his flights had to be rescheduled and he didn't arrive until 2:00 in the morning local time. I understand that things like this happen at the airports alot. And i can understand if a weather event delayed the flight. But when a plane designed to hold full fuel and full capacity and "last miniute paperwork" is the only explanation for the delay. It's unacceptable. These pilots and crew members and attendants are stating all the time they wish to be treated fairly and receive better wages. Well i say EARN IT!!! Then not to mention the fact that my husband, a United States Soldier is disrespected by an airline that at the least has "american" in their name, is rediculoous. i researched a bit and found on their website how much the strive in dependability of flights, their courtious staff, what the hell ever. I love the fact that not even a US Soldier can get courteous service on their airline. Personally my husband and i will never fly with that airline again. And i will also recommend to his unit commander that they look into other airlines when wishing to choose an airline to send a soldier off to duty.


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