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Posted on Saturday, June 19th, 2010 at 9:35pm CDT by bf5de2c2

Product: DSL

Company: FairPoint Communications

Location: 521 E. Morehead Street, Suite 250 Box F
Charlotte, NC, 28202, US

URL: http://www.fairpoint.com/

Category: Other

I've been with FairPoint Comm for 3 years now and as of this evening I have had several issues the latest and last took place when I called billing (14 June 2010) to go on the contracted price of $33.99... reg price of $35.99. I do this to save the $2.00, but this time the stupid agent put me on a tiered system with out my even knowing it. I had noticed a speed issue... I was getting 2.88Mbps download and 730Kbps upload. This evening I reset my modem and checked my speed again now I'm at 1.46Mbps down and 371Kps up. I put a call into tech support about the speed issue and was told that I now was on the tiered rate of 1.46Mbps. I told him that this could not be correct as I have had this DSL for three years and never had this type of problem. I've been on this same DSL for 3 years so I asked him to take off the restriction so I could once again get the 2.88Mbps he said they couldn't do that from tech support and I would have to get in contact with Customer Service in order to get them to change it back the way it had always been. So he refused to do the right thing and now I'm trapped into this speed all weekend long. I'll be calling the State AG's Office on Monday to file a complaint against FairPoint Communications here in Maine.

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bf5de2c2, 2010-06-28, 07:52PM CDT

On Monday 21 June 2010, I received a call from FairPoint Communications as follows... Bob Bailey he apologized for having been put on a tiered system. He said he put in an order to the engineers to have my original 3Mbps unrestricted connection back into service and it would take several hours before that would take effect.

Also a credit for the time I was on the tiered system along with a free month of Internet.

Internet was up to speed as of 4:15pm.

Issue resolved!

Thanks: FairPoint

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