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Board of Directors

Lufthansa Airlines

Dear Sirs:

I have just had the worse experience ever, since I have been traveling with Lufthansa. I was going to write the situation off as a bad day but after making my trip to Nigeria via Frankfurt I decided to write this complaint instead. The personnel you have in Frankfurt are helpful and courteous. Even Nigeria where things are difficult to say the least, were very helpful and respectful. And both cities had a real desire to help. Venezuela on the other hand is the worst I have ever seen for rudeness and complete disregard for loyal Lufthansa customers. This has got to be an embarrassment to Lufthansa. Lufthansa should be ashamed of the situation in Venezuela, I most certainly would be.

To give you some background on this situation. I live in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela and had taken an Aserca (local airline) flight 743 to Caracas in order to connect with Lufthansa flight LH 535 to Frankfurt, Germany. In Frankfurt I was to connect with Lufthansa flight LH 568 terminating my trip in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. My Aserca flight 743 was to depart Puerto Ordaz at 13:00 and arrive Caracas at 13:50. This flight was late deporting Puerto Ordaz, it did not leave until 14:50. It landed in Caracas at 15:37. I was able to get to the Lufthansa window by 13:55. I practically ran all the way. This gave me a 1 ? hours to get checked in and board the flight. This is plenty of time especially since I had no baggage to check.

This is where my problems started. My first encounter was with a Mr. Bojon who refused to allow me to check in. After arguing with this young man for more than 15 minutes he finally called his boss, a Mr. Weidner, on the radio to see if he would allow me to board the plane. 15 minutes is a lot of time to waste because of stupidity. He did not bother to explain the situation or help me in any way. He simply asked if he could board a late passenger. He made no attempt what so ever to assist me. This is incredible to me, that Lufthansa would allow this kind of person to represent them.

My next encounter was with a Mr. Arauio. The only words I have for this person is rude, ignorant and abusive. I would be ashamed to say I employed this man to work with the public. It is now 16:10 and there is still enough time for me to board the plane. I pleaded with both of these men until 16:30. It was obvious they had no intension or desire to help me. This is the worst case of indifference I have ever seen. It is completely beyond belief.

At 16:45 I asked for directions to the Lufthansa office. I waited there for Mr. Weidner until 18:15. It is not possible to describe this ??waste of skin?? without being obscene. This man is one of the dumbest, most inconsiderate human beings I have ever met, if you can even describe him as human. Since taking to this moron, I can now understand why lions eat there cubs. In my option the man is not smart enough to handle baggage. To actually turn over an airline route to him show incredibly bad judgment by Lufthansa. He was less help than Mr. Bojon and Mr. Arauio (if these names are even correct, since Mr. Weidner was the one that gave me these names). By time Mr. Weidner arrived it was by far too late to board the Frankfurt, since the plane had departed. When I asked him why three other people and myself were not allowed to board the plan, his only answer was that we were too late, and then I was blessed with his idiot grin as if I were some piece of trash below his standings. Four people in all were refused boarding from the same connecting

flight I was on and all this idiot could do was grin like the stupid moron he is and walk away as if I wasn??t worth talking to. There were also problems with three Russian passengers booked on the same flight. That is 7 people with the same problem and all Mr. Weidner could do was grin like a fool as if he had done something great and wonderful.

I did manage to get a rebooking for the next day??s flight to Frankfurt; this was not pleasant since I had to deal with Mr. Arauio again. The only redeeming factor of Lufthansa??s operation in Venezuela is a young man by the name of Mr. Pablo Alvaravo. To his credit he has always treated me very respectfully on my many trips in and out of Venezuela and there have been many trips.

Lufthansa needs to take a closer look at what is going on with your company in Venezuela. I have been a loyal customer to Lufthansa for many years. I fly from Venezuela to Nigeria every month, there are other Airlines I can use but I have always preferred Lufthansa. Air France can provide me with the same service for less money. I will be traveling from Venezuela to Nigeria again on the 20th of June. If this complaint is ignored I will be traveling with Air France from now on and I will make every effort to convince my company not to use Lufthansa in the future. While my flight alone may not be of any importance to Lufthansa, being removed as a preferred carrier would certainly get the point across.


Mike Gardner


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