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Location: Redemptorist Road, Baclaran, Paranaque, Manila
Paranaque, PH

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I can not find enough words to express my disappointment in KFC BACLARAN. My friend and I went there to somehow relieve our stress from work. SO,we ordered and gave our separate five hundred pesos to pay for our meal and ask for two separate receipts, we even reminded the cashier again that its a separate order because she placed our orders in one tray, and the cashier said "yes maam ako na po bahala", so I believed were all set. The cashier gave us a number telling us that they will follow up with our change due to the long line of people ordering as well.And so we sat and enjoyed our food. Much to our dismay,when the waiter went to us he indeed provided two separate receipts but we only got a change for one five hundred pesos. And so, we complain and tell them that we had given two 500 bill.The cashier insisted that we only gave her one 500 peso bill. Crap! Why would we ask for two separate receipts if we will only pay one 500 pesos!? It doesn't make sense. So we argue.The manager came and argued with us. We are almost relieved to find out that they have a camera. after almost 1 hour of waiting,they said that the camera is not working,another Crap! Why would they had such a thing if its not working? Is it just to fool the customers that its safe in their store? In the first place the cashier should have given us the change before we left the counter, but she didn't, and now it seems that they are insisting that its not their fault that we had shortchange! Then, who's fault would that be?

We've been actually eating there even before the incident happened, and the store manager told us that the cashier and some of the staff on that day were borrowed from the other branch, and the cashier said that "wala pa nga po kaming tulog, at swear to God hindi po talaga ako nagsisinungaling" ; and to my dismay again, i told my friend that did she just say swear to God!? OMG! That Cashier is indirectly telling us that she's not lying and we are?! Its not our fault if their staff hasn't sleep yet or if shes just borrowed, we paid our own money for our orders and they supposed to give us the due respect and good customer service! They are not even sincere the way they apologized. They were so sarcastic! It was a really shameful and traumatic experience, its not just basically the money that we are after but the fact that we feel like we were fooled at some point, the manager didn't even made us feel that they really care about our concern, he's not worth the job. I understand that he needs to protect his job and his subordinates, but what he actually did was he made us feel that he dont care about their customers. He dont know how to use the right words instead we were insulted the way he talked to us.

And guess what,they said that they can not do something about it and we should file a formal complaint! They refuse to give our change. We are humiliated because if you read between the lines, they are saying straight to our faces that we are liars and that was just so insulting. I was so disappointed the way the act, if they could have used the right words to calm us down for the invconvenience that they have caused us and we would understand but instead it appears that they are blaming us and almost telling us that we were just bluffing about all that.

I just hope that KFC will hire trustworthy people who are dedicated to work and knows what a real good customer service is.


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