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Posted on Saturday, June 19th, 2010 at 2:16am CDT by 78a713c5

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Frank Gay Plumbing mutilated my house when doing their plumbing work and never bothered to make repairs, nor seal off openings.

These openings around the drywall and concrete remain in my home today providing insects and termites entry points to invade and destroy my home, while jeopardizing my family to potential disease.

Moreover Frank Gay Plumbing opted for the fastest way to get the job done, thereby doing a hack job on my home and disregarding aesthetics and visual appeal when performing their plumbing.

Make no mistake, Frank Gay Plumbing is not "Orlando Plumbing Experts" as they like to advertise.

See the video below of my home and examine their work for yourself.

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78a713c5, 2010-07-12, 04:56PM CDT

I would like to revise the above complaint written by me, but don't know how to do so on your website?

July 12, 2010

Mr. Frank Gay (CEO of Frank Gay Plumbing) contacted me on July 9, 2010 and kindly sent me a copy of my contract July 12, 2010 (which seems to have some additional highlighting / circling / underlining by Frank for "EXTRA WORK" and "drywall patching." It appears I paid a total price of $2,050.

Mr. Gay wonders why I waited so long to say anything about my dissatisfaction with his company's work. Primarily it was due to the time it took for the insects and bugs to begin accessing my house and me to awaken to the possible points of entry through the re-pipe without drywall repairs and hose bibs being sealed.

Although the contract mentioned "patching" of drywall, Mr. Gay informed me by phone on July 9 2010, that patching drywall is deemed EXTRA WORK for which I must pay extra. Yet on the contract no numerical value was written therein to make me believe patching drywall would cost extra.

My 11-6-2003 contract with Frank Gay Plumbing (attached) never explicitly stated that "No Drywall Repair" was ever to be done, something a 2008 contract Mr. Gay sent me from another customer had written thereon and required a signature for the clarification (a clarification I neither initialed nor signed). It seems this has been a contractual and consumer service related ambiguity, which is an obvious point of contention for myself and possibly others having plumbing work done on their homes.

On the 2008 contract for work Frank Gay Plumbing sent me for another customer they serviced, Frank Gay Plumbing (FGP) drew diagonal lines through empty boxes whereon FGP indicated what work they were NOT going to do. Perhaps this would have been helpful had FGP done the same with my contract.

Mr. Gay also told me by phone on July 9, 2010 that removing the hosing bibs on the exterior of the house is not permissible according to county building code as they are necessary to serve as an electrical "ground."

Nevertheless I am apologizing for not first hearing Mr. Gay's side of the story before posting my complaint, as I want the consumer and public at large to receive the full scope of the story. Mr. Gay informed me his profit margin on a re-plumb job for a 3/2 house like mine is "only" $300 to $400 and that to remain competitive his company cannot agree to patch drywall without charging extra.

Given the above and that which I have read on my contract, I feel Mr. Gay and Frank Gay Plumbing desires fairness and honesty in its business dealings as a company, but I dislike Frank Gay Plumbing's contractual ambiguity (on the 2003 contract of which I was a part) that naturally led to assumptions of work to be done that later was not performed as expected.

Nevertheless to show goodwill and good faith on my part, I have removed my previous YouTube video and apologize for jumping to conclusions and saying anything derogatory about Frank Gay Plumbing.

I do however feel a bit disappointed that my drywall was never patched (as I thought the contract permitted / allowed) and that exterior hose bibs were not stuffed with something to prevent insects and bugs from entering my home through them.

In apologizing to Mr. Gay and Frank Gay Plumbing, I also urge consumers and homeowners to read the fine print of every contract before hastily signing and exercise due diligence to seek all clarifications regarding work to be done on their homes. Never assume any work (or piece of work) will be done customarily and put all work desired to be done in writing in full lest you later be disappointed.

In apologizing to Mr. Gay and Frank Gay Plumbing, I kindly urge them to continue to make contractual clarifications as done on their 2008 contract (whereon is written along the top and bottom NO DRYWALL REPAIR) and continue to cross out any area of plumbing work they have no intention of performing for their customers and homeowners (as done on the 2008 contract with diagonal lines through matching boxes adjacent to piece work which could potentially be assumed by homeowners to be part of the service agreement). Duly note the differences in the clarifications mentioned above in the 2008 contract versus the contract I received from Frank Gay Plumbing in 2003.

Again my heartfelt apology to Mr. Gay and Frank Gay Plumbing for the grief caused by company contractual ambiguities by which I felt slighted when my drywall was not repaired and hose bibs not sealed.

I trust and do hope my apology will be sufficient to prevent Mr. Gay and Frank Gay Plumbing from commencing a lawsuit (as already threatened) against me for voicing my complaint and forewarning consumers.

My goal is to ensure better business in the community and less contractual ambiguity so both parties can be mutually satisfied when conducting business dealings with one another.


Paul Davis

Ps. If you would provide a place to upload attachments that would be best for a visual of the 2003 vs. 2008 contracts wherein I feel some abiguity and room for misinterpretation exists.

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