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Product: annuity

Company: Midland National Life Insurance Company

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Des Moines, IA, 50325, US

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My husband died 5-10-10. In 2005, he invested money in 2 annuities with Midland National Life Insurance Co.

On 5-21-10, I arranged with an agent for Allianz to obtain 2 new policies under my name with the death benefits under the Midland National Life policies. Allianz sent all the stated required information to Midland National Life Fed Ex. Midland National Life sent me a letter in early June that was dated May 27, 2010, notifying me that they would not process the claims until Allianz sent Midland National Life Allianz' Corporate Resolutions. They did not notify Allianz. I contacted the agent for Allianz and they faxed the corporate resolutions "within 5 minutes" after I called them to Midland National. I also talked to Midland National Life that day. I was struck by the call because the claims representative was short and condescending with me and expressed no condolences. I didn't say anything, but I noted it. She was the only person out of the many I have had to deal with since my husband's death to not express condolences.

The agent with Allianz had told me it could take from 10-24 days to process the transfer of money. Today was the 27th day and the agent called me and told me that they have received no word from Midland National at all. I called Midland National. The agent again expressed no condolences and kept telling me they had not received the corporate resolutions from Allianz and they would not process the claims until they did. She would not listen to me saying they had faxed them. She made no offer to help in any manner and she had a snotty attitude. I became extremely frustrated with the knowledge that Midland National was evidently going to sit until they can't sit anymore, refusing to acknowledge receipt of their requested paperwork which I felt was highly suspicious in the first place. I have arranged with Allianz to again send Midland National their corporate resolutions which is a requirement that absolutely astounds me fully expecting them to refuse to acknowledge the receipt once again. Not only is this a life insurance policy for which they are liable, this is an ANNUITY which means it wasn't their money in the first place -- it was OUR money. The only thing they should require is a death certificate which they have already and the name, address of a beneficiary.

My husband is dead. He THOUGHT he had worked hard all his life and saved money which he knew I would need. The funeral home would like to be paid. I would like to grieve in the peace of mind that my husband thought he had provided with these annuities. BUT I AM HAVING TO FIGHT instead because Midland National won't turn over the money he had busted his butt for all his dang life. This is disgusting. How many other people are having to go through this with Midland National? How many are older than I am and do not have the presence of mind to deal with the greedy buzzards? How many are just not as ornery as I am and do not think of getting on the computer and finding out every place I can possibly make a complaint? How many just give in to the depression and just lie down on the couch? Will I finally? How many will be cowed by the Midland National representatives' uncaring and despicable attitudes? How long will I be kept between this rock and a hard place that Midland National is creating for me?

I learned yesterday why Midland National is asking for Allianz' corporate resolutions.... they want to make sure Allianz' corporate board "has the authority" to handle (my) money for me." This angers me beyond what I can express. Midland National was sent paperwork from a reputable company with my signature on the paperwork. I am a competent adult in my 60's. When did my signature stop indicating that I give authority with it? When did Midland National become my nanny and determine they have to review and evaluate my decisions?

I am embarrassed that the funeral home is not yet paid due to the holding up of these funds. I am angry because annuities are monies WE put in a supposedly safe place to be used under the exact circumstances I now find myself. These are not life insurance policies for which we paid premiums and the funds coming out of Midland National's pocket. I am astounded with the lack of feeling, respect, and level of interference to avoid fulfilling a contract displayed by Midland National's employees. I could not feel any worse than if I had been mugged and raped.

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