Posted on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 at 10:02pm CDT by 646e6016

Company: COLOR and Tailor

Location: 3207 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX, 77006, US


Category: Other

I would not wish this experience on my worst enemy! The couches that were delivered arrived damaged and poorly constructed, and now they refuse to issue a refund even though their own policy states that a full refund will be issued if the furniture is damaged during delivery. There is a hole on the couch, seams are coming apart, the fabric is loose and dirty. There is a paint stain that goes along the entire top of the couch... they look used and cheap. These are new couches that looked old, poorly constructed, and damaged from the moment they arrived. I was promised a refund by Chris, who is one of the owners. Then, Bruce (also claims to be an owner)tells me that they will not issue a refund and that it doesn't matter what Chris said or what their website says. He told me that he was changing the return policy, and it didn't matter what the policy was when I purchased the furniture. He has been rude and abusive... even accusing us of making up the damage because we just wanted a refund. He even went so far as to say maybe we were having financial problems, and that is why we were lying. What?!! This has been a nightmare. Truly the worst experience as a consumer I have ever had. I have never been spoken to so abusively or lied to so blatantly. I can't imagine why they would conduct business in such an unprofessional manner. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

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Chris N., 2013-07-24, 11:54AM CDT

I went in with great expectations! I met Chris, and at one point the owner. Both were extremely friendly and helpful. After consideration, I purchased the loft sectional. I was very excited and couldn't wait to have it delivered. Chris did inform me that it could take up to 4 weeks.

6 weeks later, my piece of furniture was delivered! I accepted that lateness of my item. Well, the back cushions were not what I had ordered. The buttons had not been placed on them. Okay, no big deal. I thought! The very nice man that delivered them guaranteed them by Monday.(it was Saturday) Monday came and went. No phone call from Color and Tailor. Nothing!

I had to actually call THEM!

Guy brings me my cushions on Tuesday. Wait!!! He only brings 2 of 3 cushions! I am beyond pissed at this point.

The guy finally brought the 3rd cushion the next night.

NOW, I could go through all of this and let it go. I may have even went back!

BUT, I have not ONCE received a call to see if I received everything, nor have I ever received an apology of any sort from ANYONE other than the guy that delivered.

Needless to say, I will NEVER go back to this place. I will take every opportunity to encourage others to NEVER step foot in Color and Tailor!

Oh, the quality I was guaranteed, NO!

So long Color and Tailor!

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