Foothills Tennis Village Apartments

Posted on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 at 9:42pm CDT by 68d13cd1

Company: Foothills Tennis Village Apartments

Location: 5 Marcia Way
Roseville, CA, 95747, US


Category: Other

I would like to file a complaint against Foothills Tennis Village apartments in Roseville, CA. On June 16-June 17, 2010 the concrete on the property was being re-sealed. A notice was posted around the parking area a day prior, stating which apartment should move his/her car from their assigned parking slot. However, there were no specific information written to where cars that are parked in the unassigned slots should be moved. On June 17th our car was towed from an unassigned parking slot, due to the reason that that area needed to be worked on. We were forced to pay $240 for the towing. We requested the management of the apartment to refund this fee as the notice was not clear and did not specify where and when cars from the unassigned slots should be moved. Our request was declined. Please assist me in resolving this issue. Thank you.


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