CSC Outlet - china ATV's

Posted on Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 at 9:11pm CDT by ac2c35cc

Product: 250SS Hammer Head

Company: CSC Outlet

Location: 935 king Ave. Columbus, Oh. 43212
Columbus, Oh, 43212, US


Category: Other

I drove the unit 5 mins and bolts started to fall off. Tighten bolts drove rest of day. Next day drive belt breaks. Take in for service, p/up a week later. And it breaks belt again after 5 mins. Take back in for service on 5/9/10 and on 5/21/10 I am told they cant fix unit. It broke 2 belts for them, after changing whole drive train. Owner will not refund money and says he needs 6-8 weeks to replace. Unless I want a used demo of another color. So I am out some $5200.00 and had one day ride out of 7 weeks and counting. I wonder if the replacement will be same POS. Either way if it does break they cant fix them/ what a hack shop. Morel of story dont buy from CSC outlet.


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