Tendar Dental - Worst Dental Office EVER!!!

Posted on Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 at 5:30pm CDT by 62689fe2

Product: Dental Office

Company: Tendar Dental

Location: 5001 East Bonanza Road
Las Vegas, NV, 89110-3560, US

URL: http://www.poncetenderdental.com/

Category: Other

This is the worst dental office I have ever been to. The waiting room is always dirty. The staff is rude, incompetent and lazy. They have no idea what the word appointment means and once I sat waiting for THREE HOURS past the time of my appointment to see the dentist. The hygentists jab with their tools so hard that you will bleed, but yet they have no idea how to properly floss or polish teeth. Then you won't hear from them until the day they want to send you to collections for the co-pay!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!


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