Butler Toyota - 2007 Toyota Matrix Charcoal Canister Failure.

Posted on Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 at 10:03am CDT by aca3dacc

Product: 2007 Toyota Matrix

Company: Butler Toyota

Location: 3232 Harper Rd
Indianapolis, In, 46240, US

URL: http://www.butlertoyota.com/

Category: Other

We recently took our 2007 Toyota Matrix which has a little over 28,000 miles in for service because the check engine warming light came on last week. Unfortunately our three year warranty just expired 3 months ago, go figure! We were told the Charcoal Canister Assembly needs to be replaced. Although they did not tell my wife why the canister was contaminated and needed to be replace, he did suggest we can live with it as is and the car would continue to run as normal. Being the man that I am and having a fairly new car, I do not think it a great idea to drive the car as is. However, I am completely disappointed with Toyota because they do not make car like they use to. We have always taken the car to the local Toyota dealer for regular oil-changes, etc. I have drove many older cars prior to inquiring this new car, issues such as this does not typical arise until 100,000+ miles. Here we are with a 3yrs car with 28k and it is already due for a $450.00 repair just months after it run out of manufacture warranty.

Well, do any of you know what cause this issue with the Charcoal Canister Assemble to get contaminated? Is this an easy fix, can I do it myself? I have a little mechanic skills.

Code: P043E, P043F, 2401, 2402, 2419

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