Central Valley Broadband - Central Valley Broadband - Worst customer service on the planet

Posted on Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 at 7:38pm CDT by db37c07f

Product: satellite broadband

Company: Central Valley Broadband

Location: 1624 Santa Clara Drive #250
Roseville, CA, 95661, US

URL: http://www.calwisp.com/

Category: Other

The worst customer service - EVER! The least offensive thing about this company is the equipment that doesn't work. The most offensive thing is the woman that occasionally answers the phone and tries to shut you up. Today she was screaming - it was unbelievable! 95% of calls go to an answering machine and are never returned. I've left messages begging for help and no one called me back for months. Yet they bill you 3 months in advance - even when service isn't working. They made an appointment with me yesterday (I was told to block the afternoon) and they never showed or called. Had to cancel my credit card to make it stop. When I finally called angry because they didn't show or call about the appointment, they yelled at me (in concert - with the woman totally screaming her head off in the background!) and told me to go somewhere else. I've been asking them for months if I should go elsewhere for service, or if they had any ideas to make the service work. They said they did...until I dared complain. They even denied they made an appointment with me, then recanted. I've had better service in 3rd world countries. My neighbor had the exact same experience. I was told once by this company that if someone complains, they immediately cancel their service. That's exactly what they did to me the moment I complained about their no show appointment - even though they had told me they ordered equipment to fix the problem. Lots of lies and dishonesty. I hear they've been getting stimulus money, which explains the decline in service. There's a reason why their service is cheaper than others - it simply does not work, and they don't care. Working with Hughes and Verizon now, and it is so worth it. They are amazing and professional.

For their record, their technician is a nice guy, and deserves a much better job. I hope somebody hires him soon.


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