Hotwire - Hotwire Can Get Out of The Deal But Not You

Posted on Monday, June 14th, 2010 at 4:38pm CDT by 36abe90a

Product: Hotel

Company: Hotwire

Location: US


Category: Other

I booked a 2 nights hotel for my New York City trip a few days ago with a 3 stars hotel for $159 per night + taxes. I called hotwire today to extend my booking for 1 more night, they told me they can not do anything for me. I know I can not do any cancellation or refund, but I did not know I can't even extend my booking. OK, I accept the fact, and try to make another reservation online again, knowing that I would not getting the same hotel. I found a 4 stars Hotel listed under New York Downtown Soho for $159 + taxes. I typed in my visa card information and agreed all the terms (of course including acknowledge the non-refundable term). After I completed everything, I did not received any confirmation. I called Hotwire about 1 hour later, the associate can see my new booking, visa card, hotel information & grading in her computer, but she told me that type of hotel is already fully booked, that's why they never sent me the confirmation. I spent 30 mins talked to the supervisor "Tonia", she kept saying sorry but.....she cannot offer the same grade hotel with the same price range to me, the only offer closer would be $279 + taxes. I told her that's totally unfair, when I type in all my visa information accepting their non-refundable term, I thought it's a mutal agreement/ contract, blinding both party, why they still have a chance to get out the agreement after receiving our credit card information? The funny thing she said to me is we did not charge to your credit card yet! I think we all know the secret now- after you give them your credit card information, you can not get out of the deal BUT HOTWIRE CAN GET OUT THE DEAL AT THEIR WILL.


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