Dell Finacial Services rip off

Posted on Monday, June 14th, 2010 at 2:23pm CDT by 616f2f55

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Dell financial services is absolutely a rip off. Don't ever use it if you can.

I purchased a TV from dell with their 9 month or 12 month no interest, which casted about $920 at the time. I started to pay online. I have multiple credit card account, never had problems. I have master's degree, should be able to use the computer fine. I schedule all my payment at the end of each month. The Dell one doesn't go through like 8 out of 10. I thought it was my problem at the beginning, I went ahead to pay the two late fees without questioning anybody. Then I felt it wasn't right, and I called them, they waived one for me. I think it went fine for two times afterwards and it starts coming back. Every time I am 1 or 2 days late. Every time I went back there to check my payment and it is not posted, I had to go ask for the payment right away. Sorry, it is late already; you have to pay the late fee. After I had enough with it, I went ahead to pay the total balance. Thought i was done with it. Nope, three month later, on the 14 th, I got a surprising call from Dell to ask for late payment of 3 month. 39+15+15. After I told him the story, he was so "nice" to wipe off 15 for the last month. When I asked if there is any other one I can complain about this, he said I had to pay the money first. God!!!! All he cared was the money. I went ahead to pay it, he said he was going to charge another 14 dollar for the expediate payment today. When I asked what?? he said I can schedule the payment for tomorrow, then it won't have the 14 charge. What is difference, I am late anyway, 1 day late or 2 day late.

Finally, I was allowed to talk to customer service. Surprisingly, he just gave a number to call, which is the number on the website. I thought he was going to give it to somebody that i didn't have to tell the story again or some manager. Sorry, I was wrong again.

I called the customer service, told the story. I was told I have to pay 69 instead of 54. What!!!! He believed that I was the stupidest guy to make all the mistakes. It was all my fault. He literally said so. I asked to talk to his manager and I was surprisingly allowed. However, they put me on the speaker phone and treated me like a fool. Of course, the answer is the same, all my fault. Finally, I got something new, which is that I will have to pay another $183 next month because their promotion expires yesterday. I have to pay all the interest for from the day I made the purchase. She just told me the promotion was for 12 month and quickly changed to 9 month because I knew when I bought the TV. They called me to collect the unknown late fee just a day after the expiration date. Can you believe they are innocent?

At the end, I have to pay more than $200 of late fee, plus the 183 of interest for $900 of purchase with being treated as a fool, regardless I have made the full payment 3 months ago.


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