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Posted on Monday, June 14th, 2010 at 12:08pm CDT by e1ad2ce6

Product: subscription

Company: Better Homes & Gardens

Location: Meredith Corporation


Category: Other

I paid for a year subscription online and saved the receipt. They keep emailing and snail mailing bills to me. I write on their bills that I paid it, receipt number and date of payment but they don't respond. I call them and they verify my payment and just say, Sorry for your inconvenience." I've emailed them 4 times with a forwarded receipt but they keep emailing bills and snail mailing me that my payment is due. No magazine is worth all the hassles I've had!!! Their subscription dept. is run by total MORONS!!! ***I called again and they said that my subscription is paid for and they don't know why I keep getting Ebills.


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