VIP - Market Market Taguig VIP Kiosk in 4th Flr.

Posted on Saturday, June 12th, 2010 at 10:42pm CDT by 5a08a534

Product: VIP Kiosk

Company: VIP

Location: PH

Category: Other

I am a loyal and devoted customer of this VIP frappe Kiosk located in Market Market Mall 4th flr in Taguig but my loyalty seems to end starting today. Ive been ordering frappe for less than a year and I have no complaints until now when I failed to have my favorite frappe for 5 consecutive days because no one is around every time I drop by so giving the benefit of the doubt the crew is busy or doing something I came back after an hour or less everyday and still no crew to attend my order, only to find out that the crew is engaged with some other crew tsk tsk tsk. Poor Customer Service


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