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Posted on Saturday, June 12th, 2010 at 10:11pm CDT by e490eb32

Product: Furniture -- Chairs for church

Company: Church Chair Industries

Location: 7007 New Calhoun Hwy. NE
Rome, GA, 30161, US


Category: Other

This complaint has yet to be resolved. Church Chairs refuses to refund 100% of our money, even though the order has been in since Nov.6, 2009. We have been repeatedly lied to with absolutely no honesty as to a real delivery date or a reason for the constant missed shipped dates. Then when I ask for a full refund, they tell me the paperwork says I have to leave 25% ($1250.00) at the table because the order went into "production" (quote / unquote) the week after we ordered it. I have repeatedly called and spoken with either Sherry T. or Larry in Shipping and both have told me over and over our chairs were "on the next truck". with no product received, I call and get told "sorry, just did'nt get made...oh but your chairs are on the next truck". This has been told to me at least 8 times now. After the last BBB response, where they told me my order was cancelled and the refund is in for "REVIEW" (which was after Church Chair verbally told me I would NOT receive a refund) I had to call and validate my order was still in 'production' so that I would not loose our $1250.00 To date, we have no chairs, no true or firm date, no return of our total monies paid to date ($2500.00) and about no hope. We would like to receive our chairs, or a 100% refund. The truth would help and a firm ship date would be most professional. This is one of the most amazing events I have ever had to deal with. After 22 years in Manufacturing work, I cannot understand how a company can stay in business when their core employees are lying directly to the customer base. My belief is that they are about to go bankrupt and are holding all cash reserves. I would never recommend business with them as of this date. It is UNACCEPTABLE that you give thousands of dollars for product, that you are told should be there in 8-12 weeks and after 30 weeks you still have no product and they have your money and will not let you have it back. IT is a shame that we are getting to the legal phase next. AGAIN, WE WOULD LIKE THE CHAIRS OR ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT (100%) REFUND.

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5c415b73, 2010-08-10, 12:14AM CDT

I too am experiencing this horrible nightmare this company does not deliver promised goods and does not return your deposit.!! My delivery date and fabric per their request has been changed they now refuse to return my 50% deposit. PLease stay away they are Dishonest, Rude, Unprofessional. Sherri tanner and Larry from shipping are Liars through internet research this company is bad news if only i had read the reviews prior my small church would not be suffering. The Lord Honors those who work diligently and My faith in my Amazing God has brought me through it i will leave it in His merciful hands.

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