Southern Smoke - Business Does Not Stand Behind Products and Has Very Bad Customer Service

Posted on Saturday, June 12th, 2010 at 2:23am CDT by Rosalyn L. N.

Product: Electronic Cigarette

Company: Southern Smoke

Location: 4508 Matlock Road

Category: Products, Services

If I could give them zero (0) stars, I would! I bought an electronic cigarette from them...spent in excess of $100.00 for it alone, but also bought lots of other items to go with it. The cigarette stopped working within the first week. This happened in February 2010. I've been in contact with them by phone and in person every since. This last time I was there; a week ago June 2010. The person I was dealing with stated when we were first doing business that he was not the owner, but his brother was. In fact, he called him while I was there stating he wanted to make sure he could give me a discount based on all the stuff I was buying. (I regress) Anyway, this last time I was there, I asked again where was the cigarette he was replacing for me. He said that it hadn't come back from overseas (China) and that he had others that hadn't come back either. I asked him to replace it with another type. He said no and that he no longer used that supplier anymore. Well, if you don't use that supplier anymore why would they replace or help you??? He became beligerant, rude and obnoxious, and I told him I would like to speak to the owner. That's when he said he was the owner...another lie either at first or now? He does not stand behind anything they sell. Don't buy anything from them. I wasted over $100 for an electronic cigarette that does not work and they don't care. We don't need businesses like this in Arlington. Let's get rid of them! This kind of shadiness may work where he comes from, but not here!


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