Alex Simanovsky and Associates L.L.C. - Alex Simanovsky ~ aka Auto Lemon Law

Posted on Friday, June 11th, 2010 at 6:52pm CDT by April S.

Product: Lemon Law Legal Assistance

Company: Alex Simanovsky and Associates L.L.C.

Location: 2300 Henderson Mill Road, Suite 300
ATLANTA, GA, 30345, US


Category: Business, Finances

If you are currently considering hiring an attorney to handle a Lemon Law suit for you, PLEASE BEWARE of a company with an attorney by the name of Alex Simanovsky as the primary attorney. His website is and it appears on his site that he is licensed to practice law throughout the United States, when in truth, he is only "licensed" to practice law in Georgia and I live in Texas. When I contacted him about my suit, I explained that I had multiple repairs on a vehicle I bought brand new and over a two year period i had 19 carfax reports on my car from repairs. I sent him all my work orders and documents detailing the repairs as well as warranty info etc.. After 4 months with absolutely NO RESPONSE from Mr. Simanovsky via e-mail, phone or fax, I did some research only to find that the acting attorney for Texas was someone else, an attorney based in Wichita Falls, Texas, a Mr. David Lilley. I then contacted that attorney to tell him that if they did not make an effort to communicate with me within the next 24 hours, I would be filing a complaint with not only the Georgia state bar, but the Texas state bar as well. Within 5 minutes, Mr. Simanovsky called me back to tell me that in hindsight (after we had already signed a contract 4 months earlier) he felt that my case actually had no real merit and that he could not help me. He then stated that he would "refer" my case to someone else. In all that time, this was the very FIRST time he had bothered to return my calls or e-mail ONLY to tell me that he could not help me AFTER entering into a signed agreement with me four months earlier. After that phone call I contacted another attorney to assist me and they informed me that the deadline to file my Lemon Law suit had already passed ~ during the time Mr. Simanovsky had my case. Not only did Mr. Simanovsky fail to disclose this fact to me, but he out and out BLATANTLY LIED about my case by telling me that it no longer had any merit. I then filed a complaint with the Georgia State Bar to try to get the matter resolved. At which point he hired an attorney and offered me less than one third of what my original suit was for to "settle" with me. Since then we have gone back and forth for almost a year and still NO SETTLEMENT, ONLY CONTINUAL DELAYS AND STALLING TACTICS. If you are considering hiring a law firm to help or assist you with your Lemon Law suit, I beg of you, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT USE THIS FIRM!!! The lemon you own will fall apart before you ever receive any assistance or relief from this lying fraud.


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