Citibank - Citicard Credit Hold For No Valid Reason

Posted on Thursday, June 10th, 2010 at 8:49pm CDT by 7f1ae708

Product: Citicard Platinum Credit Card

Company: Citibank

Location: US


Category: Business, Finances

My Citicard credit card was declined for $9 at Burger King. I have an $18.5k credit limit. I paid $13.5K off this month with a $5K checking account payment that posted and cleared two weeks prior and an $8.5K balance transfer from another account. When I called customer service to ask why the freeze, they said large payments from two different sources were suspicious and that they put my card on hold for the balance transfer payment to clear. They said my payment could be fraudulent. I could understand large charges, but not large repayments. I asked what about my $5K payment from usual checking or the fact that my account was not over limit or late. Even if they didn't accept my $8.5K payment I would still have $5K available in theory. They said their policy was to freeze accounts whenever they want. They said they did not have to notify me and they did not say when they would unfreeze it. I was very offended. They acted as if I were a criminal for paying down most of my credit card.


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