MBNA America (Bank of America) - Bank of America consumers BEWARE

Posted on Thursday, June 10th, 2010 at 7:20pm CDT by 70fe1dbe

Product: Credit Cards

Company: MBNA America (Bank of America)

Location: 1100 N. King Street
Wilmington, DE, 19884, US

URL: http://bankofamerica.com

Category: Other

After having my interest rate raised to almost 27% APR, I decided to pay off my balances with MBNA and close my accounts with the Bank of America company. On March 3rd, I paid the balance in full and waited about 2 weeks before I called to close the account to make sure that no new charges were reflected on the account. I spoke with Vanessa, and she assured me the balance was zero. I then asked her to close the account. Since then, I have continued to receive mailings from Bank of America (MBNA) so called today (6/10/2010) to ask them to stop. I found out from the service manager that I owed approximately $60 of interest on the balance before the account was closed. I explained to him my conversation with Vanessa (which he could see notations about on his screen). I was assured by MBNA when I closed the account that my balance was zero, but this man said that I never requested a "payoff" balance. Both the website and the service representative said my balance was cleared. I paid the disputed interest anyway to save my credit rating, but do not feel that I was treated fairly nor honestly.


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