Lux, Bond & Green - Repair department misplaced pearl

Posted on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 at 11:11am CDT by 352a5aa5

Company: Lux, Bond & Green

Location: 46 Lasalle Rd
West Hartford, CT, 06107, US


Category: Other

I dropped off a string of rare South sea pearls to the West Hartford Store on LaSalle Road to be restrung. I dropped off 57 pearls, but when I came back to pick them up, to my utter surprise and dismay was handed back only 56 pearls. And that was just the beginning of a horrible experience with the store. Long story short, I escalated the matter to the store management. They acknowledged that they had lost the pearl, but were unwilling to repair the damage caused!!!! Unbelievably poor customer service. Adding insult to injury, they still charged me the restringing fee for the pearls!!!

By way of background, I have been a Lux Bond & Green customer on several occasions. While it is not the only jewelry store I frequent, I have had positive experiences in the past, including in the Boston area stores. I believed the store had a reputation for trustworthiness, quality and reliability. I was clearly wrong.

I am upset because of the lack of checks and balances in the jewelry repair department. The pearls should have been counted before being sent out of the store for repairs and when they were returned to the store. The error should have been caught at the store, not by the customer a day later. I am also angry and upset by the interaction I had at the repair counter with Steven Lumb, the service manager. In response to my complaint, I was told (unbelievably): what can I say - human error happens. My exchange was not pleasant at all.

Avoid at all costs - a jewelry store trades on its reputation and this ones is garbage.


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