Decked Out by Kenneth - Owner Kenneth doesn not keep his word....hires shills to skew his reviews.

Posted on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 at 11:01pm CDT by 6a680cad

Product: Decks, he says

Company: Decked Out by Kenneth

Location: MCKINNEY, TX, 75071, US


Category: Building, Construction

This guy has numersou complaints with the BB we found out AFTER we interviews him for an estimate to resurface our patio. It was a small job around 1500.00 which he said was OK. We told him we wanted him to do the job, okayed it, but would like a reference or two. HE agreed saying he would email them to us NEXT DAY....days go by and nothing. We are waiting form something before we hire someone else...then finally call him. We leave a message but no response. So, we left a short review on Yahoo reviews just stating these facts. Kenneth bombards our email inbox with personal attacks about how much he dislikes us, never wanted to do the job anyway....etc. I believe this to be because he does not have good references and was on the spot. He has since tried to bring his ratings up by posing as customers and having his wife shill for him.We know this because he edited one of the reviews and forgot to use the fake name!! LOL. He's a pathetic excuse for a contractor with 3 unresolved complaints at the BBB. Beware...unless you want drama along with your patio.

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ab76d630, 2010-10-26, 10:03AM CDT

We also had a complaint against this man. We paid him a LOT of money to build a deck behind our house. The deck came away from the house within two weeks. He sent people out to "fix" it. They just took the boards up and moved them and left big gouges in the boards. Now the railings are warping and the gate is sagging. We have tried to reach him but he won't return our calls. We have only had this deck about a year. Do not do business with this man.

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