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Posted on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 at 3:55pm CDT by 33c1cd3a

Company: One model place

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the administrators of one model place are very unethical, they have unfair and unethical practices, and unnecessarily abusive to models, and people using their website....and will remove their profiles, for minor or erroneous reasons....they are jerks are on not care about people using the website....they are absolutely terrible. I joined one model place years ago, and have had a portfolio up since, successfully with no problem. during the course of the years there, I had a minor issue with a photographer wanting my pictures taken down because he didnt want me posting them....and OMP contacted me...I took the pictures down and it wasn't an issue. I was an amateur and didn know I couldnt post the pictures up in the first place, and it wasn't a big issue at all. During the course of the years, OMP admins have removed my portfolio for no reason and even removed acknowledgements then posted it back up...they apparently think they can toy with people's profiles as they want, delete acknowledgements or whatever they want...since they 'run' the place there is little you can do to complain as you with a profile have little rights apparently, adn everything being done is based on the dictatorship of the admins running the place and whether they want to do something or not.recently, I was going through a bad break up with an ex boyfriend/photographer and had posted a few pictures up that we had taken, and to get me back, he decided to call OMP and tell them to have my pictures removed...He had even laughed stating before "im going to call OMP one day and then theyre going to say this girl has lots of issues and remove your profile." this person was very malicious a really terrible person, and did everything to try to ruin my modeling career. OMP admins, came to my profile and removed my pictures....then they downgraded my profile, then three days later, told me i had had 'multiple issues' and they were closing my account and i wasn't allowed back. Their letter they wrote was very rude and harsh and acted as if I had done something really wrong, or was guilty of something major--when in fact there werent multiple issues or even issues at all and they seemed to be trying to make minor issues a huge deal as an excuse to get rid of my profile for no real or valid reason or cause. I think OMP is more about breaking innocent people and models over erroneous reasons, while allowing predatory photographers the rights to do whatever they want to someone and treat people in any way business wise or personally. They seem to side with the photographers who are blatant jerks..or any photographer..and will penalize models or others at the request of the photographers.Even issues that werent OMPs business were being intruded upon such as why were you dating that photographer, and why would you date someone you feel so strongly against why on earth is it any of the business of this jerk behind the other line, why I had been datin a photographer? Why does he care and how does that pertain to the current situation? I Wasn't allowed back over ..a photographer who had been trying to ruin my modeling career and we were going through a bad break up. The OMP admins I called and the guy on the other end of the phone-- was just a jerk....he had me thinking that he was possibly going to put it back up...or wait and talk to others...for another decision....I had done nothing wrong....multiple issues were that in 3 years i had two photographers call them to have pictures taken down...? all along i was a good model and had spent years building my portfolio, for these jerks to just take it down without a care....the admin person at the other end....was rude when I asked if my mother could talk to him...(acted like that is a big deal to do)....he was rude and tried to ask me why I was dating a person who I wrote nasty things about or had his pictures up---this is none of their business of course? If I tried to ask a question he acted as if "well this is unproductive to talk about"...these people are unethical jerks and on powertrips do this to a model or person for no valid reason. Worse, the photographer who called to have my pictures taken down...had no release to have 'any' of my pictures up...and he has them up wrongfully...but OMP admins could care less about they can do that to a person is beyond question so wrong and unethical...that people spend years building up their webpage/portfolio....for these creeps to take it down...for no real or major or valid reason. I told the try to get business to your place...why would you just take someone's profile down for such a minor reason? his response "well we DISCUSSED this before and dont need to discuss it again"...he claims they couldn't 'find a valid reason to keep the portfolio up" you now need reasons to have portfolios up on your website? that is the purpose of a modeling hosting website..?....its one thing if something done was the model was in breach of something...that someone had done something bad...but two minor issues in three years with photographers (who were actual jerks) calling to get pictures taken down...trying to screw over the model basically and OMP decides to wrongfully punish the model for no reason.....I even stated that the photographer who did this to me was a 'predator' and the jerk on the other end of the phone claims "well if you guys go to a court of law, I can use that as defamation of character"..where are the ethics here that these people allow photographers with no model releases to post pics on their own website..which is illegal, allow them to call about models, and instead of just removing pics or asking the model to remove the pictures, remove the entire model's portfolio, then they have the guts to not even allow the model to make a statement about a predatory person without trying to put them down or claim potential defamation of character--these admins who run this place are awful people with no morals or ethics..and run the website in this manner unethical dictatorship where they aer allowed to remove what they want and do what they want, with no valid reason and mess up people's careers in the process...and photographers who are trying to ruin model's careers, OMP allows these people to run freely on their who try to turn women into prostitutes...flat out predators and jerks...and people who exploit women and others.... I said that page was 'my page' and ive had it for years...and it took me years and years to build up....they could care less...I spent years building up my portfolio...getting acknowledgments, comments...and OMP admins decide for little to no reason they will just take it down...remove it and ban me from OMP completely...over basically nothing. They abuse people's profiles and abuse their privileges as administrators, based on their own powertrip, and this is so immoral and is their 'job' to try to intervene in copyright issues, not penalize people for 'others' calling about them especially people whose goal is to cause them problems in itself...the administrators will be very rude to you if you have someone else call for you and make it a big deal.... i said is there anyone else i can talk to abut this....they said "im the senior administrator".... what OMP has done is just so wrong....they dont have the right to do this to a model or do anyone.....they are immoral and unethical....and I doubt they have removed profiles...for minor copyright issues...and if they have what they aer doing is tampering with people's lives and dreams....and doing so unethically while they allow all types of sick people on there to create profiles and take advantage of women or models....OMP is a horrible resource for models as they sabotage and toy with peoples profiles unfairly-- they have unfair wrong unethical practices ?they penalize people for minor reasons while not penalizing other parties for major ones and rewarding them instead.the photographer I complanied about was a fraudulent individual who exploited people in various ways they didnt care about the complaint and instead gave him two showcase images . Overall I did nothing wrong? yet OMP wrongly and so rudely banned me from the website .and acted as if something major had been done. then acted as if you are not allowed back. They seemed to have made major issues out of something minor in order to give a false excuse to try to penalize someone for no real reason... I asked if I can create another profile I was replied with not right now but maybe in the future these things can be reviewed again .how would the review change in the future if you arent allowing someone to create a profile now? They are a portfolio hosting website .they claim to be, this or that, and yet they have off the wall unethical practices and methods by which they conduct their behavior or actions. The OMP admins are really about trying to break and ruin people if they get a chance to .they have no ethics or reasoning behind their irrational actions and will remove profiles again for no valid reasons .and just ruin people who had been there for years. They dont think well this person has been with us for many years they think this is a problem lets get rid of this model yet there was no problem?and they unjustifiably chose to behave in this way towards someone for no reason. photographers who aer exploiters, predators, pimps, and flat out sociopaths one model place will support, give free memberships to, make images showcase, and the more a predator is out to ruin someone, it seems the OMP admins will help that person out-- especially if it is a male and instead pounce on the victim of the predator and do damage to the victim by removing their profile for no reason and be rude and stern about it..the photographer ex bf who called OMP on me, did so laughing previously stating im going to call OMP if you ever post those pictures again and theyre going to say , this girl has lots of issues and remove your profiles?and thats exactly what he did?yet those same pictuers are on his profile and yet he has no release to post them either?yet he has the power or ability to call OMP and have those pics removed from a models profile?and OMP doesnt care about this? How can OMP support unethical photographers?and punish innocent models for no reason?OMP is an unethical website and practices their lack of ethics completely--they support photographers who are out to destroy model's careers and lives...supoprt their actions fully...and will even assist in those removing the profile of the model who had done nothing wrong...I cant even understand the issue with creating another profile and how that is a problem for "omp"...when it isn't...and they choose to remove innocent people who have in fact been victims of some of the male predators on there that OMP allows with no problem. OMP penalizes innocent models for absolutely no reason while malicious photographers are trying to ruin their modeling career....instead of taknig care of a minor issue, they decide to go full force and remove people's profiles for no reason at all...ban them from one model place...give them false and stupid reasons for their wrongful and irrational behavior and actions, and the predators who called in the first place...are allowed pictures on 'their' profiles with no model release....and allowed to continue taking advantage of people while people who've done nothing wrong get banned for reasons that are just not valid or any kind of a rael issue....the job of OMP is to handle copyright issues, not destroy people's profiles who they spent years building up simply because they 'are administrators of the website and have the ability or power to do so"...which seems to be the clear case in this they just do not have valid reasons for their actions, and to do so to innocent people who have done nothing wrong....many things they do are done in a faulty manner and without fairness or ethics such as give showcase pictures...the photographer who called about my fact tried closing his profile down once, and instead of closing it down, OMP gave him free membership and additional showcase images...though they had never given him showcase before...this, to a person who is an exploiter, predator, and tries to turn models into prostitutes, and is a pimp...a lot of the models on those websites are prostitutes as well...yet they are freely allowed to create profiles, go to photoshoots, offer sex for money...all these practices are seemingly ethical and allowed....and nothing is done to anyone's profile who is predatory, unethical, perverted, sick...or could even be a threat to other this photographer was...instead models who are legitimate decent people...who are building up their portfolios, are penailzied and removed by OMP for no reason while these photographers and predators are rewarded by OMP given free membership....showcase images (which arent given by merit but simply because someone likes a picture and wants to give it)....and allowed to continue to prey upon women using OMP...while innocent women who have done nothing wrong but build up their portfolio or try to get work, are removed and banned so harshly and rudely by the jerk OMP administrators...who are on blatant powertrips.. they when conducting their decisions are also such jerks about it...they treat the innocent person as if they have done something so wrong and are deserving of the bad treatment these bullies are giving to them...and they are flat out bullies..there is absolutely no reason why a photographer calling and asking for three pictures to be removed from a model's profile...especialyl when he has no permission to use them either, should warrant this kind of abuse or such stern action or behavior from OMP...towards a good model who had done nothing wrong...even what OMP has considered 'previous problems" was not even a problem at all..they seem to have created what they want to consider 'problems' to further penalize an innocent model for no reason... they aer on powertrips in huge ways and run that website in a very unethical and sick and unfair manner..these people are about unfair and extreme favoritism, and harsh and unfair banning of people for no reason and seemingly trying to ruin their modeling if they can....beware of this place and the admins running it...


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