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Posted on Friday, July 9th, 2010 at 4:07pm CDT by 011cf772

Product: BrylaneHome

Company: BrylaneHome

Location: PO box 8384
Indianapolis, IN, 46283-8384, US


Category: Other

I ordered a full set of bedding and was sent most of the order minus the pillow sham. In place of the ordered item was a pair 0f 7XL mens undies. The company would not arrange to have the wrong product shipped back and would not ship the ordered product until I returned the undies It was their mistake not mind. I felt punished for their mistake. The customer service dept was rude and would do nothing to help so I had to return the totally arrange for the return on my own. I will never deal with them again and would never recommend them. They make their customers suffer for their mistakes. They can say sorry on the phone over and over but don't mean it if they won't take responsibility for their own mistakes.


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