Central Auto Group - Central auto plainfield CT--Liars-thiefs

Posted on Friday, July 9th, 2010 at 2:20pm CDT by 133b9222

Company: Central Auto Group

Location: 96-98 lathrop road
plainfield, CT, US

Category: Other

On about May 14, 2010, my wife and I purchased a new 2011 Hyundai Sonota from Central Auto Group in Plainfield CT.

According to Hyundai's advertisements, we should have received a $500 rebate/incentive for being a current Hyundai owner.

When we asked the salesman Sean about the rebate, he said we were not eligible because it was a military discount.

After the purchase and further investigation, I found out that we were indeed due the rebate and that the salesman and sales manager lied to us about this. I made dozens of calls to the dealership and to Hyundai consumer affairs (who are worthless, all they do is call the dealership and ask what is going on, and then call you back with the same thing the dealership tells you.)

After these complaints, I was told that we were going to receive the rebate. Now, almost two months later, we still have not been given the rebate. I have made countless calls and have gone to the dealership on four occasions about this issue and everytime, I get a sarcastic excuse and an "I don't care" type of attitude from the sales managers. We have been told time and time again (literaly about a dozen times) that our rebate would be ready on a specific date, and everytime that day comes, NO rebate. Nothing but another lame excuse as to why they can't get it to us. On several occasions, they tried to blame me for doing something wrong!!

This dealership has given us the run around for almost two months now. IN MY OPINION, It needs to be known that they are shady in their business practices, and truly have no comprehension of good customer service.


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