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Posted on Thursday, July 8th, 2010 at 3:05pm CDT by 5edde5fa

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i have been working with the company named to purchase a car for the past week, first tryed getting finace through sevral finace companys and wasnt able to due to my credit rateing. however i was able to through a car sales i deal with localy so i had come to an agreement with jason day of nznew cars, the next step was to get the car checked by a mitsubishi dealer in nelson, i am situated in palmerston north and couldnt inspect the car personaly so i wanted to make sure what i was buying was in good condition as they said. however the report that came back on the car was not good at all the car had multiple faults including 4 buckled wheels motor oil leaking from the front of the block, and transfer at the rear, and the list goes on i have the report on the car. my next step was to ring jason to see what could be done, his reply to me was "it has a new warrant" and still wanted me to pay for the car in that condition. i then told jason i was not willing to buy the car and the deal was off. now prior to this i didnt have any problems at all jason was very polite and helpfull... untill i asked for a refund he then got his boss steve brimblecombe to ring me and abuse me telling me to (quote) "put my goves on because with your credit history i wouldnt have a chance" now i am in buisness aswell and that is no way to speek to a customer, nor slam there credit history, it is appauling behavior and i would like some advice as to what i can do about this.

cheers jason.


23f16e30, 2010-07-09, 12:54AM CDT

I was very surprised to see this complaint from Jason. NZ New Cars has 100's of satisfied clients and we are very protective of our reputation and good name. Malicious complaints of this kind in fact sicken me. If the vehicle was so bad, you would have to question why it was passed by VTNZ for it's WOF on the same day.The client was in fact offered a full refund of the deposit, which is standard practice for our business,'should the client be unsatisfied'.When you are dealing with second hand vehicles, it is inevitable at times that problems arise.I regard these allegations as both untruthful and mischievious. Furthermore I will be seeking legal redress from the complainant.


Steve Brimblecombe.

5edde5fa, 2010-07-26, 05:33PM CDT

i am just as suprised to see your comment back on this... untruthfull? mischevious? and malisious??? do you understand the meanings if these words? i have the report done on the car in question and am only to happy to post it and as for your aggressive responce to the situation.. why did i have your boss calling me to appoligse for your appauling behaviour?? go figure! vtnzs job is to check warrantable condition not mechanicle condition hens the reason i took it to a mitsi dealer. so if i had a aa check you would of said the same?? contact your lawyer as i have whitnesses to the abuseif phone call i recived from you. my leaving this message was not to slamm you but let other consumers know what happens when a deal goes sour.

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