Sheer Cover by Guthy Renker - SHEER RIP-OFF!

Posted on Thursday, July 8th, 2010 at 8:32pm CDT by 650b65b3

Product: Mineral makeup

Company: Sheer Cover by Guthy Renker

Location: PO Box 10817
DES MOINES, IA, 50980-0817, US


Category: Health, Beauty

In the middle of June 2010, I called sheer cover about overcharging my bank card, and she said if I wasnt happy just to send my products back! and I'll get a refund! So on June 21, 2010, I sent my return package, and THANK GOD, I bought a mail confirmation!!! So I called them today, and the rep said, "Im sorry, we havent recieved your package!". WHAT A LIE!! because when I tracked my package online, it was delivered on the 24th of June!!!! So now my refund is up in the air, because Im dealing with a bunch of liars and stealers who have no shame in their company practices!!!! They have taken out $111.00 from me, for just ONE shipment, which I have since shipped back! So now, I have no product, and no money back! I was warned, but didnt listen! PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SHEER COVER!!! THEY ARE LIARS AND CHEAT PEOPLE OUT OF STEALING THEIR MONEY! IF I WERE LEEZA GIBBONS I'D BE ASHAMED!!!!


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