Regional Pages / Regional Yellow Pages Online - and run scams to get companies to pay

Posted on Thursday, July 8th, 2010 at 12:26pm CDT by 7a7c98fb

Product: company listing

Company: Regional Pages / Regional Yellow Pages Online

Location: 1000 N West St. Suite 1200-754
Wilmington, DE, 19801, US


Category: Other

This company called us on 4/23/2010 telling us we owed them for 2 years of previous advertising. As we were under new management as of 1/1/2010, I directed them to the previous owner for collection, and made sure any further advertising was cancelled going forward (received cancellation code MMU5070788). After verifying some business information, the call ended and all seemed fine. I contacted the previous owner and let him know about this, and we later looked into it and found REGIONAL YELLOW PAGES ( shared the same layout/design/functionality as REGIONAL PAGES ( and had several complaints. We filed this under "scam", made some notes, and ignored it. On 7/7/2010 we were contacted by Max Cordy in Collections and he said we owed them the money for CURRENT advertising and were sending us a bill. I explained our cancellation, and he played back a recording of my voice and the rep I spoke to back on 4/23, but the conversation was chopped up to the point that it made it sound like I accepted the advertising; it completely pulled out any mention of the previous owner or the cancellation. Tellingly, the new invoice was #MMU5070788, which is ALSO our "Customer Account #" as well. We hope to see these people in court, as they threatened us several times that they'd take us to court over the money: we have time-dated notes and emails discussing the cancellation and the original nature of the call on 4/23 rather than the butchered recording I heard on 7/7.

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7a7c98fb, 2010-07-14, 03:43PM CDT

First off, be willing to tell them that you will gladly go to court over this matter. They may argue on the phone, but otherwise will drop it. They aren't stupid enough to take this to court, because they will lose. If you feel that doesn't close the matter to your liking, you should contact a lawyer and ask for consultation on this matter. Some lawyers will even offer free consultation, so look for that.

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