Hubble Termite - Hubble just doesnt care for their consumer

Posted on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 at 6:44pm CDT by 60eae7f0

Product: termite repair

Company: Hubble Termite

Location: 10413 heather valley dr bakerfield CA 93312
bakersfield, ca, 93312, US

Category: Other

Dont ever use hubble termite. This company is a rip off. I recently had to do a termite inspection on my house. They quoted me at 700.00 for a job on my property about a month ago. I figure 700.00, man this was going to be some heavy repair. I mean I dont know anything about termite repair but that much money, can only mean that theres going to be some good work done to my house right. Well heres my story, they came out on the first trip and patched up hole that was in the patio wood post about inch big with car bondo and replaced a frence post at the side of my house. A second guy came out because the first guy didnt know how to read the inspection report to figure out what was wrong on the inside of the garage. So he came and scraped off some residue that was at the bottom of my garage wall behind my door with a screw driver and sprayed some pesticides on it. This area was about 15 inches long. It took him less than 5 minutes to finish. So to sum it up for you, they patched up a hole about inch thick, replaced one fence post, scraped off some mildew off my wall that was about 15 inches long and sprayed some pesticides on it for one lump sum of 700.00. Now you tell me, is that worth it. When I asked them why you I was quoted so high for such little work, the termite guy states well the price of pesticides is really expensive. I felt like I just got ripped off for my money. Bottom line here, if I wouldve known that that was all the work they were going to do I wouldve never went through with it. But that inspection report just looked so convincing. BEWARE do not trust this company. Poor workman ship and bad service. They just do not care about their customers. Do not get ripped off like me.


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