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Posted on Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 at 8:26am CDT by 2fb5b75f

Product: Staples Rewards Program

Company: Staples

Location: 500 Staples Drive
Framingham, MA, 01702, US


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I never received Staples rewards for purchases made earlier this year. When I complained via "Live Chat" I was told they mailed me a reward coupon and couldn't reissue it since it had expired. When I pointed out that I was never notified of the expiration date since I never received it, I just got the same response. The agent also could not refer the case to a supervisor.

They also have very limited customer service hours and no email address that I could find.

9:07:14 AM : Connected to

9:07:14 AM : Session ID: 26369

9:07:14 AM : Nate Johnson: Initial Question/Comment: I never received rewards for purchases early this year (January or Feburary). There was a promotion with 100% of purchase price for certain items in Staples Rewards.

9:07:19 AM : Welcome to Staples Rewards Live Help!

9:07:19 AM : A Customer Service Agent will be with you shortly

9:07:19 AM : Amber H has joined this session!

9:07:20 AM : Connected with Amber H. Your Reference Number for this chat is 26369.

9:07:30 AM : Amber H: Hi Nate. We will be happy to look into that for you. One moment, please.

9:07:39 AM : Amber H: What items are you referring to?

9:08:20 AM : Nate Johnson: I can't remember exactly, but I have never received any staples rewards coupons or vouchers at all.

9:08:40 AM : Amber H: Please verify your current mailing address.

9:08:47 AM : Nate Johnson: 745 Hunter Street

9:08:54 AM : Nate Johnson: Tallahassee, Florida 32303

9:09:09 AM : Amber H: That is the current address we have on file.

9:09:44 AM : Amber H: During January, you earned a standard Reward in the amount of $33.40. This Reward began mailing on February 15 and expired on April 30.

9:09:57 AM : Nate Johnson: I never received it

9:09:57 AM : Amber H: Staples Rewards, like coupons, are time sensitive and must be used before the expiration date. Once a Reward goes past the expiration date, it's no longer valid and it can't be reissued. Since your January Reward has expired, we are unable to reissue this Reward to you.

9:10:34 AM : Nate Johnson: I was never notified of the expiration date since I never received it. I did not have a chance to use it.

9:10:55 AM : Amber H: Staples is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail.

9:12:10 AM : Nate Johnson: Can you please refer this case to your supervisor?

9:12:45 AM : Amber H: Since your January Reward has expired, we are unable to reissue this Reward to you.

9:13:12 AM : Nate Johnson: Can you please refer this case to your supervisor?

9:13:55 AM : Amber H: Supervisors are unavailable via Live Chat.

9:15:42 AM : Nate Johnson: I'm sure you have a script that tells you what to say, so it's not your fault, but this is deeply unsatisfying and I intend to shop at Office Depot from now on.

9:16:15 AM : Amber H: We understand this can be frustrating and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

9:17:14 AM : Nate Johnson: Must not be any fun for you to have to say these things. Have a good day anyway.

9:17:53 AM : Amber H: Have a great day!

9:17:53 AM : Amber H has left this session!

9:17:53 AM : The session has ended!


bf65b697, 2011-03-15, 04:52PM CDT

I experienced the same problem with Staples store on 125th St, New York. I have purchased everything from paper, printer, computer monitor, penss, folders, software/programs and tons of ink (cartridges for my printer and toner for my laser printer and used their UPS and fax service. Two weeks ago I went into Staples to purchased 2 ink cartriges and took the 2 empty cartriges. I did not purchase the cartriges because they were over $30 and I had seen an entire set (of 4 cartriges) online for $23. I have never in all the years of shopping at Staples received a reward. I checked my Rewards account online and there was 0. The cartriges I turned in 2 weeks ago were not listed, I had received no credit at all; not even for the numerous cartriges turned in at Staples. I contacted the manager who made every excuse in the book and continued to talk over me. The manager stated that every employee in the store had received award checks from Staples; inwhich I thought that was a conflict of interest because usually, employees received discounts directly from the store. Nonetheless, the manager could not provide a reason why all the cartriges I had submitted were not listed in my account or why I had no rewards. Staples states it give $2.00 for every empty cartrige returned. Nonetheless, the Staples customer can return all the emply cartriges and make all the purchases they want to make at Staples, but only the manager and Staple employees get the reward. Shame on you Staples, perhaps I and all the people in uptown New York will not shop at your store. Your customers are more important than you think. I Will shop at Best Buy from now on and probably get a manager who does not have 30 minutes of excuses and only the employees get reward checks. As for your customers, one down and counting.

8a363ee3, 2011-09-14, 07:22PM CDT

I brought in 4 empty cartridges in June 2011 never received rewards. I called the W. 238 Street store and was told to apply online because they will expire the end of Sept. I cannot get them onlie.

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