Cream City Carpet Cleaning - Half Off online certificate from Cream City Carpet Cleaning in Greenfield, WI

Posted on Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 at 4:40pm CDT by e311f5a9

Product: Carpet Cleaning

Company: Cream City Carpet Cleaning

Location: Greenfield, WI
Milwaukee, WI, 53203, US


Category: Other

This merchant offers a half price online certificate.The half off certificate for Cream City Carpet Cleaning offer is a trap by this merchant to just get your business. He says that he would accept the certificate and once you buy it and call him for service, he says first he cannot accept it and then in the same breath says if he does, he will have to charge full price, which will ultimately have you pay much more than the price you can get anywhere from the competitiors for the same service. His (Jason Labarge) argument is that he cannot redeem the certificate, but still insists that you should hand it over to him at the end of the service. The bottom line is you will lose your $22 you pay for the $50 certificate. Don't waste your hard earned money on buying this certificate or using the services of Cream City Carpet Cleaning!! Go with reputable people like Stanley steemers,Sears, etc. to get your money's worth. They will tell you the price upfront at the least for the service you want instead of later when you hire them.

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7d74a0eb, 2011-01-26, 07:35PM CST

I also had a bad experience in talking with Jason Labarge. He was referred to me and quoted an average rate for carpet cleaning. He seemed unprofessional and wishy washy on the price. In the end we decided it was too much because we were moving. He ended up calling back the next day with an offer of $100 cheaper for the same service. I accepted but when I asked to get an email confirming the agreed price he told me he has never been asked that in 4 years of business and that now I was making him uncomfortable. Really? No one has ever asked you to confirm a price quote, sounds pretty standard to me. So I am just supposed to let you come into my house and clean it and then hope that you honor the price on that you told me on the phone with no proof? Hmm... when I questioned him he became angry and I said that he was making me uncomfortable and that I didn't think it would work out. The second I said that he started acting desperate trying to get my email or see if I had a fax so he could send me the confirmation I had originally asked for. I told him I had to think about it and he kept pressuring me. When I didn't give him my email address after him asking again he shouted, "F&*k It" and hung up the phone. Wow! So now I am having Stanley Steemer do it and yes I am paying more than double and am happy to do so because they were professional and polite. Oh and guess what, they emailed me the price quoted with a break down off all services immediately. Jason Labarge is a hot head and is extremely unprofessional don't work with him unless the only reason is to get a deal. But honestly with an attitude like that I highly doubt he would have done a good job anyways. It really is true... you get what you pay for.

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