Best Buy - Best Buy and Good Customer Sevice are Mutually Exclusive

Posted on Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 at 11:41pm CDT by 263104c8

Product: Car Stereo Installation

Company: Best Buy

Location: 100 Meijer Dr
Florence, KY, 41042, US


Category: Other

I'll just get to the facts of my experience buying a new head unit for my car at Best Buy...they'll speak for themselves.

Day 1: My wife and 3.5 year old and 8 month old sons visit the Best Buy in Florence, Kentucky to buy a new CD deck for our car. We get there about an hour before closing. We look at the decks and ask some questions.

Sales Kid #1 tells us that JVC, Kenwood, and Alpine decks don't play music through their onboard USB ports. He departs scene. Sales Kid #2 comes by and we ask a few more questions. He volunteers that only Alpine decks don't play music through the USB ports. We ask him why the discrepancy between him and the other Kid...he states they were talking and he corrected the other kid. Okay, fair enough...that can happen. We decide on a deck and ask Sales Kid #1 (he's back) what we should do to move forward. He tells us that the installation shop is closed for the day so we should come back tomorrow. He tells me I should go directly to the installation shop in the morning. I ask him if we should purchase everything tonight and he says no with a a look in his eyes that says, "No, because I want to go home as soon as possible."

Day 2: Myself and my two sons arrive at the installation shop at 10:20 AM, 20 minutes after Sales Kid #1 told us they would be open. "Customer Entrance" is locked and I have to bang, like closed fist "STELLLLLA" BANG, on the door for 30 seconds before I hear life within. Kinda weird if they opened 20 minutes earlier. The door opens and Installation Tech #1 lets us in. I explain to him that we're here to get a deck installed and he asks where is it. I tell him we have to purchase it and the associated gear at Best Buy and that Sales Kid #1 said this could be done at the Installation Shop. Not so, I find out from Tech #1.

He says I have to go to the Car Stereo section in the main store to do that. Okay, I can do that. At this point, I'm just a little irked. So, in the Installation Waiting Area I see the door to the main store and try the knob. I ask the tech to unlock it. He can't, he doesn't have a key...says I should walk around the store and go in the front entrance. 10 seconds of awkward silence ensues..."Really?", I ask finally. "With the 8 month old in the baby carrier and my 3.5 year old in tow?" Tech #1 mumbles something about calling "the Guy" with the key to get it opened...yeah, one "Guy" has a key...and he grabs the phone. We sit down in the skeezy Waiting Area for about 5-10 minutes before "the Guy" shows up. Turns out "the Guy" is the head Geeksquad bubba. Anyway, Tech #1, myself, and kids walk to the car stereo section.

Sales Kid #3 (a new one!) pulls Tech #1 from us and directs him to a Ghetto-fabulous Wannabe rich kid with the oldest dad I've ever seen who wants Daddy to pay for a whole boomin' system before the geezer's ticker explodes. With dollar signs in his eyes, Tech #1 splits off, leaving me to stare daggers at Sales Kid #3 when he asks "How can I help you?". I explain my experience so far to him so he gets that I'm hanging by a very thin thread at this point and also to let him know that my car is getting worked on before Vanilla Ice's car. At this point, things start getting back on track (gotta give credit where credit is due)...I tell Sales Kid #3 what I want, I make the transaction for the head unit and the required accessories, and he tells me to bring the head unit and the receipt to the Installation Shop for Tech #1 to work on it. Wait, I think, Tech #1 is making the sale of the year to Vanilla and the door's locked so I couldn't even relax in the skeezy waiting area with my kids and catch a disease. Never fear, says Sales Kid #3, Tech #1 will be right over there in five minutes. So we go....stupid, stupid me.

20 minutes of annoying Best Buy video clips later, here comes Tech #1 and "the Guy" (credit to Tech #1 for remembering to bring "the Guy"!). We go back to the shop. Before talking to Tech #1, I tell "the Guy" that we plan on going back into the main store so please do not go anywhere until my busines with Tech #1 is complete (Momma didn't raise no dummy...I ain't gettin' locked back there again!). He gives me the ol' north south headshake. GREAT! Things are looking up! I look up from checking on my kids to talk to Tech #1 and he's deep in the shop getting items for "the Guy"...nothing to do with me but I guess they just assumed I would realize that as neither one paid me the slightest bit of attention or gave me a courtesy "We've got more important customers than you." After a couple of minutes, Tech #1 arises from the bowels of the shop, hands over the goods to "the Guy", and finally takes the time to deal with my annoying self. I hand over the head unit and the receipt, and Tech #1 asks me where's the adapter kit and wiring harness? Huh? I brought what Sales Kid #3 gave me. But wait, there's more! Sales Kid #3 selected the wrong adapter kit and harness anyway! Tech #1 comes to the rescue, telling me he's got the right gear I need in the shop and we'll figure out the receipt after the install is done. "Will that change the price?" I ask my hero Tech. "We'll figure that out after the install." Umm, okayyyyyyy (confidence level that I'm not being retail-ly raped going down steadily).

Anyway, time to go back to the main store for approximately two hours...but what's THIS!?!? "The Guy" has left us high and dry! We're locked in the Install Area! Tech #1 calls up to the Geek Squad area and informs us that "the Guy" had a customer call he had to take care of. He'll be back in 10 minutes or so (in Best Buy time...that's actually 20-25 minutes in the real world). Older son and I proceed to pound on door to main store for 5 minutes (real world time)unti Tech #1 gets really annoyed and says we'd probably be better off just walking around the store to the front. I drop the obligatory "Really?" after an awkward 10 seconds of silence staring at him. He actually thought it wasn't rhetorical and answered me..."Yep". I do believe this is where my filter failed and I blurted out "This is such f-ckin' bullsh-t" (sorry, boys). So off we go on our outdoor adventure...felt a little bit like the Fellowship of the Ring, my lil' Polish Hobbits in tow. One twisted ankle later, we make it to the front.

Lo and behold, there's "the Guy" collecting shopping carts! Calming myself, I ask him what part of "Wait for us" didn' the understand? "I had a customer call" he remorse, no, "Yeah, about that, I'm really sorry...". Just "I had a customer call". Sidenote: later in the day, I looked up the definition of the word "customer" and got the following: Entity (check...I fit the bill) that receives or consumes products (goods or services) (check) and has the ability to choose between different products and suppliers (oh HELL YES, I fit the bill and will be EXERCISING that ability). Apparently, Best Buy defines "customer" differently. If someone knows what their definition is, drop me a line.

Anyway, back to the avoid my sons hearing more words that will get me in deep doodoo with my wife, I leave "the Guy" with a resigned headshake and enter the main store. After an hour of watching my 3.5 year old hopelessly but happily drive Sonic in circles on Sega Sonic Racing on the 360 and lunch, the car is ready. We walk into the main store and I see "the Guy" walking into the break room and follow as fast as my lil' Polish hobbits will let me. I knock on the door and get nothing. I sic my 3.5 year old on the job and he gets results (God luv'em)...after a straight minute of 3.5 year old beserker behavior on that door. Sales Kid #4 (a new one) asks me how he can help me...I see "the Guy" sittin' at a table getting ready to eat lunch. He doesn't acknowledge me. I tell Sales Kid #4 that "the Guy" behind him is my ticket back into Car Stereo Land and I ain't leavin' the spot without'em. Sales Kid #4 asks me to wait a minute and closes the door on us. After a minute (actual real world time for a change!), he opens the door and tells me that there's another "Guy" with the key now! Two "Guys"??? Based on their inability to see the goodness inherent in giving the key to employees to escort "customers" between the main store and the Installation Shop, I thought there were some far reaching ramifications to sharing the Ghostbusters' "dog and cats living together, don't cross the streams" sh-t. Apparently not.

So "the NEW Guy" escorts me back to the Installation Shop, where I tell him I want to talk to him after I finish my business with Tech #2 (apparently, Tech #1 got winded after a grueling 4 hour workday). He acqiuesces and I conclude my business picking up the car. By the way, Tech #2 told me she "took care of" the discrepancy in the needed accessories on the receipt. Of course, the total cost doesn't change; never, NEVER that. So, business completed, I go through my experience in mindnumbing detail to "the NEW Guy" (if I had to experience it personally, someone is going to get at least a little taste). He's actually apologetic and takes the time to explain to me that the locked doors aren't just a one time screw up on this particular day, they're INTENTIONAL! No, really! People were stealing laptops out the Installation Shop customer entrance so, instead of installing sensors, he says CORPORATE decided that the locked doors without any signs informing customers of the situation was the smartest way to go. So I tell him I'll do him a favor and write such a scathing review that maybe Corporate will install some merchandise sensors.

So here I Best Buy's credit, the job they did looks to be clean and professional and they finished 30 minutes earlier than they told me they would. To Best Buy's detriment, I DON'T THINK THEY WOULD KNOW GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE IF IT BIT THEM ON THE ASS, EVEN IF GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE TOLD THEM WHO IT WAS AFTER THEY BIT'EM ON THE ASS. Hell, they don't seem to be acquainted with common freakn' courtesy either.

Share this review, please! I hope it gets some stiff shirts sweatin' in Minneapolis and actually causes them to undertake meaningful improvements to their customer service (or lack thereof).


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