Alaska/Horizon airlines - Alaska/horizon airlines

Posted on Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 at 4:05pm CDT by Anonymous

Product: Air travel

Company: Alaska/Horizon airlines

Location: Alaska Airlines Corporate Office P.O. Box 68900 Seattle, WA 98168 Horizon Air Corporate Office P.O. Box 68977
SEATTLE, WA, 98168, US


Category: Airlines

This is the first and last time I fly Alaska air. I usually fly Southwest and would highly recommend any one who has the choice stick with Southwest air. The employees were very rude from start to finish, even the customer care representative when I called to complain( which accomplished nothing). First off when I booked the web site said first bag checked free additional $15. At check in all bags were $20.00. The attendant at computer check said she is hearing this alot, although the customer rep assured me this has been their policy for over a year. We arrived early for check in but my family got stuck in long security line. Arriving to the gate 10 min before take-off, they were told they could not board even though gate was still open and plane had not left. They were rebooked for a flight 5 hrs later. As my sister stood sobbing and my brother turning red with anger the ticket girl proceeded to laugh at their predicament. Both my sister and brother were to work that day and had already arranged to be picked up from airport. The customer service rep told me this is all the customers responsibility to be at gate 30 min before take-off. However she could offer me a $50.00 Discount on future travel for the agent laughing at us. As if I would ever travel Alaska again after that experience. They could make more money for their selves by using our seats for stand by, and we have no recourse. I paid extra for a flight with no layovers and they were rebooked on a layover flight, which was an hour late for take- off. The didn't arrive home untill 7 hours after their scheduled time. Through out this whole ordeal I never heard one apology from anyone at Alaska air. Their attitude is we've already got your money so we could care less. I personally will never fly Alaska again.


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