Richart Landscaping - Bad Seed in a Pretty Good Landscaping Company

Posted on Monday, July 5th, 2010 at 12:24am CDT by ab50da6d

Product: Commercial Landscaping

Company: Richart Landscaping

Location: 310 Anchor Road
Casselberry, FL, 32707, US


Category: Other

I work for a property management company in Central that mostly deals with Home Owners Associations and we do quite a bit of work with Rlc Landscaping. Rlc assigned Christopher Evenson to look after one of my properties. Christopher Evenson is also the son of the owners Jeff and Charlene Evenson. When Rlc landscaping took over the property Christopher, Jeff and Charlene all came out to the property and were extremely professional which made me very confident in there company. Over the next several months the property went down hill and looked even worse than it did when the previous company was maintaining it which was the reason why the previous company was fired in the first place. I would try and get a hold of Christopher by email and phone and while he would return my calls it would take days. Finally, one day I was so fed up. I had been receiving numerous complaints from the Home Owners Association so I called Christopher and I was enraged. I admit, I was very upset, and may have raised my voice but after several months of trying to get a hold of Christopher and explain to him what our issues were with no resolve I believe I had a right to be. I was not even able to finish what I was trying to explain when he rudely interrupted me and basically called me a liar. He said I had only been communicating these issues for one month and one month was not enough time to fix our problem. He than continued to blame our bad landscaping on our previous landscape company (mind you, we had been using Rlc for around nine months now, don't you think that is enough time to have the landscape even look a tad bid better???) and than even had the audacity to say to me maybe if I kept a better eye on the landscaping and reported all of the issues in the first place I would have never of had a problem with the previous landscape company. To say I was stunned is a complete understatement. I am the customer and I could not believe the way in which he was talking to a customer. I told Christopher that I had been communicating with him through email and phone about the issues for six months and I had the emails and if needed, phone records to prove it and he wanted me to prove it. I forwarded him the emails which allowed me to prove I had been advising him of the issues for six months, not one like he had said. There was no apology given, instead we set up a time to meet each other on the property so I could show him the issues. When the day came Christopher did not show up, instead another manager named Joey came in his place. Joey was a breath of fresh air. He was extremely nice and he listened to everything I had to say without interrupting. Since than I have been dealing directly with Joey and couldn't be more pleased. The property looks great and I owe all of the credit to him. If it wasn't for Joey I would have canceled service with Rlc landscaping on this property and possibly the few others as well due to the negative experience I had with Christopher Evenson. As I previously stated Christopher is the son of the owners and I am sure will be taking over the company some day. For the company's sake hopefully that day will be a long time away.


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ab50da6d, 2011-04-06, 02:08PM CDT

Mr. Evenson,

I commend and thank you for finally replying (I wrote the review in 2010). I do apologize it has taken a few months for our company to get back to you but as you know Winter/Spring is a very busy time of year. I received two messages from you so I am hoping you had not sent more that I didnt receive. I had prepared myself for an immature response from you but as you are in your mid to late thirties I was not prepared for how immature it actually was. It is time to grow up. Joey is such a joy to have on our property and he brings nothing but light to our properties we have with Richart Landscaping Company but Mr. Evenson after your immature reply I have set up a meeting to sit down with the board members to seriously consider firing you as our landscaper. You do not fool us Mr. Evenson. The review which our company wrote and you read I have also left on many other websites that let you reviews companies not to personally attack Richart Landscaping Company for my personal satisfaction or out of spite as you so kindly noted about a client but to warn other property managers about the truth of one of Richart Landscaping Company managers and from what I hear potential future co-owner. Each and every time we met, which was not that much since you never had time to meet with me, you were always in a hurry and came off as arrogant and too good to be around myself and the other board members. One time you came with another man but it was not Joey and you said he was a manager with Richart Landscaping Company. You seemed to try and over shadow him with your knowledge of landscaping which is quite humorous to all of us here because when we had an issue with our irrigation and you where sent out along with a few other guys you messed it up and they had to fix it. I do not need to call any of your clients because I am friends with a lot of the property managers who manage many of the other properties you currently service. I advise you, Mr. Evenson to not start a personal attack with me because like I said I am very close friends with many of your property managers, board members, suppliers, etc. and I have a lot of connections. I am your client and for you to come at me like you did just because I gave my opinion on you as a person, not solely on Richart Landscaping Company is disgusting. I even said ever since Joey took over our property looks great which is a compliment to Richart Landscaping Company. I would like to talk to the owners Jeff and Charlene Evenson by conference call to explain to them how you have disrespected myself and the board members. I have the number to your office (407) 366-5629 but please give me the contact number to either Jeff or Charlenes assistant so I may set up a conference call meeting as soon as possible. If I do not hear back from you with the phone number I will take it as you do not wish to be our companies landscaper and a cancellation notice will be sent out.

Have a great day. It is beautiful outside!

ab50da6d, 2011-04-06, 03:22PM CDT

Since users are unable to see the two messages Mr. Evenseon emailed to me here they are:

Tuesday, February 1st @ 1:12PM:


I was given this wonderful review to read by one of our many loyal employees. Needless to say, I'm very disapointed to hear that one of our clients has such disappointing remarks. Unfortally I feel along with Joewi, the so called representative who was supposedly was sent out to deal with John Doe isn't quite telling the truth. RLC Landscaping has been in business since 1971 and will always honor our moral and legal responsibility to our properties and the our property managers. I'm very confident each and everyone of clients would say the same thing about the integrity of RLC Landscaping and its Owners and all of its Employees. We strive to meet and exceed expections each and everyday. So please anyone who was bothered by this personal attack I encourage you to call anyone of our hundreds of clients. This information is available on our website. I feel very bad for the individual who has written reviews out of spite and personal satisfaction, this is not true and would never be true. We value each and every property as if we lived there!!!!! Thanks to all of our loyal employees and clients who continue to show support for RLC Landscaping!!!!


Tuesday Febraury 1st @ 1:22PM:

If I'm talking with the upset property manger please send me the emails you have sent me over 6 months as you have stated so I can validate your so called complaints.

Please that would really put some truth to this. I would love to read them.

This is a manager of a landscaping company and future co-owner and can't even spell.

94388739, 2011-07-04, 01:16PM CDT

Could not agree more with you about "ONE BAD SEED!" The day he's in charge there ship will sink.

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