mike fuller, alternative direction - bad counselor

Posted on Sunday, July 4th, 2010 at 3:34pm CDT by 33c1cd3a

Company: mike fuller, alternative direction

Location: orlando, fl, 32822, US

Category: Other

Mike fuller is a terrible counselor...he treats clients or patients not very well. I had started counseling sessions with him, and after the first appointment, he didn't want to come back and was acting weird. I had to have my mother literally coerce him into coming back or convince him. This is a counselor, and he's getting paid but will refuse to come to sessions. He never gave any helpful advice or cared and during sessions seemed bored and was playnig around making noises being disrespectful....he seemed to take counseling more on a personal level and had issues inside that prevented him from acting normal....recently, he had been coming again for counseling but again was missing appts or cancelling....it seemed like he was doing it intentionally.....i as a patient had to tell him...that I was interested in regular counseling not 'every other week' and that it was important for him to keep appointments....then the next appt, wasnt confirmed and he acme to my house and banged on my door really hard and rudely....then left...then he didn't come back...he I think is an idiot immature and if youre in need of counseling stay away from him as he doesnt know how to treat people especially patients or clients with problems or issues...


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