ebay paypal - Ebay Paypal , nevr try click on the button to add a cc or your acct will be ruined.

Posted on Sunday, July 4th, 2010 at 6:21pm CDT by 0ddd82a5

Product: Paypal, Ebay

Company: ebay paypal

Location: US

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My paypal account has been frozen for three weeks and I am so pissed off. Ever since I clicked on that link to add a CC to my paypal account my account has been a disaster. They list 27 documents that they need including things like "nature of you business" and every personal document you can think of. They will not edit the list or tell me if they really want all 27 things listed. Never try to add a cc to your paypal! People are threatening to leave me negative feedback for not paying and I don't blame them. Ebay can charge more fees for people with less than stellar feedback and I'm wondering it this whole thing is a big sham. It is very frustrating.


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