Posted on Saturday, July 31st, 2010 at 11:31am CDT by 1a51a4ed

Product: Cadillac DeVille Concours

Company: Future Ford of Sacramento

Location: 4625 Madison Ave
Sacramento, CA, 95841, US

Category: Other

We purchased a used vehicle through Future Ford on June 16, 2010. We DID NOT haggle pricing, we paid full out what they were asking and paid an additional $399 for window tinting through the dealership. We paid IN FULL, no financing for this purchase. So the first issue was that they weren't scheduling an appointment for our window tinting until the check cleared. The check cleared my account in about 5 days and it took another 12 to get our FIRST appointment. There was an issue with the a/c as well. Window tinting, we were told, would be done the way we wanted it, we just had to tell the tint guy. Wrong. They did what they wanted to do. We were promised UV film on the driver/passenger windows, never happened. The windows were tinted and have bubbles and stuff trapped under the tint.

The a/c...we took the car to them on a Thursday, July 15, 2010, the same day they tinted the windows. When we arrived back at the dealership 7 hours after we dropped it off, the a/c was still not fixed. The sales manager involved told us upon pick up that the a/c was still not fixed and that we would have to run the vehicle, w/ the a/c running but not cooling, for the next 4 days and come back on Monday to have the repair done. Something about dye in the line had to be flushed through. Already aggrevated, I was willing to wait til that Monday for the repair.

Monday came, no phone calls from anyone at the dealership. Tuesday comes, we call, leave messages, the sales person calls late that afternoon, after 6,to tell us that the sales manager was going to call us. Wednesday comes, the sales manager calls and says he has an appointment for us on Thursday...the 29th!(An entire week and a day past the day he was calling us!) Meanwhile, we have a car we can't even enjoy because they havent fixed the a/c and Sacramento w/o a/c in the summer with leather interior and not able to roll windows down for the first 2 days after tint wasn't working out so well.

So we finally get the car in for service. There was also an issue with the front driver tire losing air. They told us it was fixed when the tint was done but it continued to leak air requiring us to fill it up every 2-3 days to avoid being on a flat in the driveway. On the 29th, we dropped off our Cadillac for them to fix everything that was left to be done.

At 6:40pm, (keep in mind that we dropped off the car at 8:30am) we are finally told we can p/u our car. Meanwhile we had told them we had previous obligations to our son's first day of football camp and that started at 6pm. They totally disregarded that and in turn, our son missed his opportunity to his first day of football. Anyways, we go to get the car and the TINT IS STILL NOT REDONE. The sales manager even told my husband that everything was done including the tire again, but the only thing that was done was the a/c. Upon getting in the vehicle, we notice that a molding on the driver window is falling off, and as soon as my husband pulls out of the dealership, the secondary visor on the passenger side comes flying out into my 13 year old daughter's lap. Coincidence that there's things broken inside our car when it wasn't broken before we brought it to them for a 10 hour a/c charge? We immediately called the sales manager again, left a message, and are still awaiting a phone call from him, 2 days later.

Yesterday, we took the car to the same place they claimed they took it to for the tire repair. They had no record of the car ever being there. That was lie #2. First was the tint was done, then this. I even left a message for the girl in the service department yesterday morning, and have still heard nothing from them. Luckily, the wonderful people at Les Schwab were awesome and did repair our tire FREE.

We were told on numerous occasions by the dealership that they were doing us a favor by doing these repairs, and they were trying to be "nice" to us. I told them how many cars are they selling in this economy that people are paying cash for? How many of those people are paying what the sticker says? Their customer service motto is.."Our goal is to ensure that you were treated excellent and you were completely satisfied". Ha! Trust me, if you purchase a vehicle from them, as soon as you walk out with your paperwork, you are fighting a losing battle. You will get treated like a stepchild. I even asked if we were getting treated like this because we didn't buy a Ford but they didn't understand, well, they gave me that dumb "I don't know what you are talking about" look.

The entire experience went all bad right after we purchased the car. I kept giving them opportunity after opportunity to make the right choices, and do the right thing, live up to their motto, but they continue to fail.

So, to date, we are still awaiting the tint to be re-done. We contacted their tint guy yesterday morning and he informed us that he did NOT redo the tint, that he didn't even know our vehicle was at the dealership all day on Thursday.

Thankfully, they did repair whatever was going on with the a/c so they get a little bit of brownie points for that one, but it took them 43 days from the purchase date to get that accomplished. I'm disappointed in the level of service and lack of communication skills that the people we have dealt with at this dealership have displayed. Now we can't get any return phone calls from any of them, not the girl in service, not the sales manager, not the sales person.


Funny thing is, I was told not to do business with this dealership and gave them a chance anyway. And I told them I was told not to do business with them and was giving them a chance and they blew it.

So if you wanna go to a big name dealership but get treated like you are at a salvage yard, Future Ford is the place for you. Its nothing personal against the actual sales manager or the others but its definitely on them because the dealership has them doing business like this. You will have no recourse because all the management at all levels is gonna blow smoke up your whazoo.

I will never ever do business of any kind with Future Ford. EVER. Very disappointing. Really curious to know if buying a Ford would've made a difference...hmmmm....but a Ford is no Cadillac. Wonder how Cadillac would feel about the way Ford has treated us while selling us one of their vehicles?


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