HH Gregg - Terrible Experience

Posted on Friday, July 30th, 2010 at 2:15am CDT by ab15fcb3

Product: Appliances - HH Gregg

Company: HH Gregg

Location: 1900 Valley View Blvd
Roanoke, VA, 24012, US

Category: Other

I purchased a complete set of Samsung kitchen appliances (fridge, stove, above the range microwave, and dishwasher) on July 2, 2010 with a personal check. At the time of purchase, the range was out of stock but was expected within the next week. Because hhgregg could only deliver to my address on Wednesday, delivery was scheduled for July 14, 2010 - the first Wednesday when all appliances would be in stock. I received a phone call from the delivery manager on Monday July 12th, telling me that they would not be able to make the scheduled delivery because the refrigerator and dishwasher were out of stock. I was confused, did he mean the range? No, the refrigerator and dishwasher that I paid for had been delivered to another customer with an earlier delivery date. MY refrigerator and dishwasher were out of stock with no definite due date. I was disgruntled and asked for some sort of resolution from the store's management. I did not receive another call from the store until Wednesday morning, July 14th. At that time, my salesman called to let me know that they could not make my delivery - the replacement appliances had not arrived. I asked to speak with the sales manager - Mindy - who had approved the final details of my purchase on the 2nd. The salesman - Wayne - was nice enough but had to ask permission and get guidance on even the simplest of questions. When Mindy got on the phone she indicated that she could deliver LG appliances but could not provide any type of anticipate delivery date for the Samsung appliances I had ordered. I asked for a refund. She discouraged that and encouraged me to shop around because it was unlikely that I woul find a deal as good as this one elsewhere. She was surprised someone would make this deal b/c they "lost $50. I reminded her that she worked the deal! I did shop around and ultimately decided that even if it cost more money I would not patronize this business and I wanted a refund. On July 15th I called Monday and asked for a refund. She again had to be reminded of my situation and proceeded to explain that had she been my salesman she would have encouraged me to schedule an earlier delivery date to ensure that the product I was purchasing would be in stock. Really? The delivery date was predicated by their delivery schedule and again, SHE was the sales person/manager. I was livid. I explicitly asked her the refund process and the EXACT date that I could receive my refund. She asked someone in the background the details and said that I could visit the store 15 days after the date of purchase to receive a refund. I asked for the specific date, she replied July 22, 2010. I visited the store again on July 25, 2010 where I was told that the information she provided was incorrect. It would take an additional 7-14 business days to receive my refund because a check was being requested AT THAT POINT. I still have not received my refund. I called the customer service line to convey my complaint and in true fashion to the other comments posted here - no success. The representative on the phone was apologetic, but no real resolution. At least she apologized - no one in the store apologized once during this situation. I simply heard excuse after excuse about why this happened and they were only able to offer these great prices by keeping a small number of appliances on hand, blah, blah, blah. Think twice before shopping with this Company. My new appliances from SEARS are being delivered tomorrow! They were more expensive, but I couldn't be happier.

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d88d12b7, 2011-04-10, 10:59PM CDT

I also will not patronize this establishment and guess what I'm Wayne.

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